When is the BEST Time to Dine at Space 220?

Space 220 has officially opened in EPCOT!

Space 220

This long-awaited restaurant takes guests up “220 miles above Earth” to dine on space-themed eats at the Centauri Space Station. We’ve been in to check out the food, drinks, and amazing views already, and we also found some awesome easter eggs for you to look out for while you’re there. If you’re planning to eat at Space 220 soon, you might be wondering When is the best time to go? Here are our thoughts on that!

While the restaurant opened taking walk-ins only, now you can make a reservation now for the restaurant, and those reservations are going fast!

Space 220 Entrance

Now, reservations will be the best way to get inside for a meal. But you can always get in to the Space 220 Lounge without a reservation by joining the virtual queue. You’ll still want to get there early in the day to put your name on the list for the Lounge.

Expect long lines this week!

So when is the best time to eat inside Space 220? The answer might just be “whenever you can get in.” This is a really high-demand place right now, so we’re just happy when we can get our names on the list to come eat at the lounge. If you’re eating in the Lounge, you can try the fun, space-themed drinks like the Celestial Cosmopolitan for $15

Celestial Cosmopolitan

…or the Stargarita for $16.

Stargarita with a view!

There are also some “Flight Bites,” which are smaller meals on the Lounge Menu. We really enjoyed the Blue Moon Cauliflower for $17

Blue Moon Cauliflower

Short Rib Sliders for $18, and Chicken on Waffles for $18.

Chicken on Waffle

As you can see, these are still pretty big portions. Depending on which you ordered, you could definitely treat them as a good-sized lunch or dinner. Here’s a look at the full Lounge menu.

©Disney | Space 220

Since it’s in such high demand right now, any time you can get on that Space Elevator is the best time! And if you aren’t able to get a reservation, we would actually recommend the Lounge over lunch or dinner anyways, since you can still order off the main menu if you want, or you can choose one of those Lounge Bites, which were some of our favorite dishes here anyways.

Space 220 Lounge

What if would prefer to get reservations? When should you book them? In our opinion, dinner was the best bang-for-your-buck in terms of the experience and food.

Space 220 Dining Room

Lunch was a little bit cheaper, and it’s less of a time commitment since it’s two courses instead of three. So if you’re trying to get in some other EPCOT attractions and activities, you might prefer to visit Space 220 for lunch instead.

Space 220 Tables

BUT if you’re looking for the best Space 220 experience, we think dinner wins, hands down. Dinner for adults is $79, and for kids it’s $29. It’s about $24 more for adults than the lunch prices, but the cost for kids is the same. The adult menu at dinner comes with three courses, including an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Kids get a main course, dessert, and a drink.

Dinner Spread at Space 220

The appetizers for both meals are the same.

©Disney | Space 220

Here’s a look at the lunch menu for adults…

©Disney | Space 220

…compared to the dinner menu.

©Disney | Space 220

Some of the lunch items are just not worth the $55 price tag, like the Centauri Burger (a good burger, but nothing super special) or the Baked Maccheroni (we thought it was forgettable). But if you are there for lunch, we really enjoyed the Flat Iron Steak, which we thought was the best value for your money here.

Flat Iron Steak

Even better than the lunch steak, though, was the Filet Mignon at dinner. The Short Ribs were also one of our favorites here. In general, we thought the dishes at Dinner were just a little more interesting and filling, which made it more worth the extra cost to us.

X2 Duck

PLUS dessert is included in the Dinner price, which gives you access to some cool treats like the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

…or the fancy-looking Lemon Mousse.

Lemon Mousse

And if you’re going to Space 220 later in the day, you might get to see both the day and night views from the windows and inside the Space Elevator.

Space 220 at Night

But keep in mind that you can still order off the Lunch or Dinner menu if you’re going to the Lounge. You will have to do the prix fixe meal (which includes the appetizer and entree for lunch and appetizer, entree, and dessert for dinner), and pay full-price for the meal if you order it in the Lounge.

Lunch Spread

The other option at the Lounge is just to order off the Flight Bites and drinks menu, which is what we would choose for our next visit.

Astro Deviled Eggs

In general, we think the best way to do Space 220 is to go to the Lounge. You can get there early and put your name on the list, then go back and decide what you’re in the mood for — a full prix fixe meal or just a few smaller plates and some fun drinks!

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Are you heading to Space 220 soon? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “When is the BEST Time to Dine at Space 220?”

  1. Can you walk up, put in your name for the lounge, then leave and come back? OR virtual queue? Do they text you?

  2. I watched a Vlog the other day, and that person said that the wait for the lounge was not a virtual queue. She had to wait 90 minutes in line to get to go. So which is it?