Update on Disney Cruise Line’s Discussions for a NEW Year-Round Port

Disney Cruise Line has canceled some sailings through part of this year, but it’s already looking well into the future!

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We’ve gotten LOTS of news over the past few months about the new Disney Wish ship, and bookings have opened for Disney Cruise Line sailings all the way through fall of 2022. With more new ships on the horizon, Disney is looking to establish a new year-round port in Florida and we’ve got an update on the situation!

Earlier this year, we shared that Disney Cruise Line was looking to establish a new year-round port in Florida. Then, in May of 2021, the Broward County Commission approved negotiations to take place between Disney and Port Everglades, which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If Disney were to open a new year-round homeport in Port Everglades, this would be its first year-round port outside of Port Canaveral.

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But, that approval for negotiations was made back in May, so you may be wondering what’s going on right now and where the negotiations are at? Well, on June 15th, 2021, the Broward County Commissioners held a meeting and one item on the agenda was in fact related to Disney’s negotiations with Port Everglades.

Specifically, the item they considered at the meeting was a motion made to authorize the Broward County Administrator to execute a Marine Terminal and Berth User Agreement between Disney and Broward County. The Office of the County Attorney, however, will have to approve this agreement for legal sufficiency.

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According to the legislation details shared on this motion, after negotiations were first approved by the Commission, Disney and Port Everglades held a fact-finding meeting and negotiations. The legislation details note that they are still working on finalizing the terms of the agreement to be signed between them, but that the final version of the agreement is set to be ready to be signed before the end of the Broward County Commission’s summer recess.

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The legislation details also note that by authorizing the County Administrator to sign the agreement with Disney Cruise Line during the summer recess, the Port Everglades staff will be able to start taking the necessary steps to complete the improvements to the terminal and berth that are needed before Disney starts up any cruise activity at the port.

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Additionally, the legislation details note that the timing of this approval will also give Disney sufficient time to make decisions regarding its ships before it starts homeporting from Port Everglades. When does Disney intend to start using Port Everglades as a homeport? Well, the legislation details seem to indicate that Disney is aiming to start sailing from there as a homeport in the 2023-2024 cruise season.

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The motion to approve the County Administrator to execute the Marine Terminal and Berth User Agreement with Disney was ultimately approved by a vote of 9-0 by the Commission.

We’ll definitely be on the lookout for any more updates about Disney’s agreement with Port Everglades and how it might impact future cruises. Stay tuned for more updates!

Are you planning to go on a Disney Cruise in the future? Tell us about your trip plans in the comments!

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