8 Disney Characters You Didn’t Know You Could Meet in the Parks

When Disney World reopened under new health and safety measures last year, one of the things that didn’t return to the parks was character meet and greets.

Hi, Mickey & Minnie!

And, though they haven’t returned just yet, there are still a lot of characters roaming through the parks! Yes, there are classic characters like Mickey and Minnie and Disney Princesses like Cinderella and Aurora, but there are also some characters that you may not have expected you could see in the parks. We’re covering them all so you know who to look out for on your next trip!

We bet you didn’t know that you could meet these Disney characters in the parks!


First up is one of the newest additions to the Magic Kingdom — Moana! She joined the princesses and the Fantasyland Friends in April and now helps greet guests as they enter and exit the park at the Main Street Train Station.

It’s Moana!

And, that’s not the only spot you can find this princess! She’s also now part of the Magic Kingdom Cavalcade that makes its way down Main Street, U.S.A. every day.

Moana is now part of the Magic Kingdom Cavalcade too!


On the same day that Moana made her debut in Magic Kingdom, we also spotted Mulan!

We hope Mulan sticks around!

Now you can find her greeting guests at the Main Street Train Station or waving to everyone as she passes by on the Princess Cavalcade float!

Anastasia and Drizella

Now, you won’t spot this next duo on Main Street, U.S.A., but you will occasionally find them making trouble behind Cinderella Castle from time to time! Anastasia and Drizella from Disney’s Cinderella can be found in a few different locations in Magic Kingdom, and they’re always a lot of fun to interact with.

Anastasia and Drizella!

We’ve found them up on the Cinderella Castle balcony and in front of Princess Fairytale Hall but, no matter where you find them, be sure you’re ready for some attitude because these girls sure do have one!

Pocahontas, Meeko, and John Smith

Over in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, character meet and greets have been transformed into Character Cruises along the Discovery River! There are a lot of different locations that you can view these boats as they pass by and you might just spot a few rare characters on them like Pocahontas, Meeko, and John Smith!

Pocahontas and John Smith at Animal Kingdom

We haven’t seen John Smith tagging along on the cruises recently, but you’ll (almost) always get to see Meeko and Pocahontas take to the water!

LaunchPad McQuack

And, if you’ve ever seen the Character Cruise with Daisy and Donald, you might have found yourself wondering “Who is that other duck on the boat?” Well, fans of Disney’s DuckTales will know the answer — it’s LaunchPad McQuack!

Donald’s Boat Bash

He can normally be found at the back of the boat stirring up trouble!


If you’re headed to EPCOT, you just might stumble upon a few unexpected characters while you’re there! Over in Future World West, some Disney characters come outside to say hi to guests in the courtyard area between The Land and the Journey Into Imagination With Figment ride. And, Joy is one of the characters you might find!

Rainbow Joy in Disney World

She’s always decked out in her bright yellow outfit and often brings some props to play with between waves!

Mary Poppins

And, if you’re headed into World Showcase at EPCOT, you can also find Mary Poppins out to greet guests in the UK Pavilion. Sometimes she is hanging out in the garden area and other times she’s in the back of the pavilion in the gazebo.

Mary Poppins in Epcot

Because the pavilion is a little less traveled through, you can usually get in some good conversation and selfies with her too!

The Incredibles and Edna Mode

We’re headed over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the last characters that you probably didn’t know you could meet in Disney World!

Like other parks, Hollywood Studios has been home to Character Cavalcades that take to the streets at unannounced times throughout the day. And, one of those is the Pixar Cavalcade where you can say hi to Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible…

The Incredibles

…and not too far behind is Edna Mode! She just might have the best view for checking out everyone’s park-going outfits.

Pixar Pals Cavalcade

So, did you know that you could meet all these characters in Disney World right now? We’ve been having a blast saying hi to all the new (and old) Disney characters and you never know who might be joining in soon! We’ll continue to keep an eye out for new Disney characters so stay tuned for more Disney news and updates!

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