NEWS: Marvel President Reveals Doctor Strange Was Originally in ‘WandaVision’ Finale!

Ahh, remember back when we were obsessing over every new episode of WandaVision?


We were watching new episodes every single week and dissecting all the important things that happened in them. We were invested in the merchandise and the snacks and we had tons of predictions about how the show would end. Not all of those predictions came true, but today we found out that one of them almost did!

According to Rolling Stone, Doctor Strange was originally set to appear in the WandaVision finale. Marvel actually struck up a deal with Benedict Cumberbatch! However, late in the process, he was written out of the pivotal episode.


Why you may ask? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige didn’t want to overshadow Wanda, especially in her big moment. He felt like viewers would’ve been too focused on the cameo and it would’ve taken away from Wanda connecting with her own powers and taking down Agatha by herself.


But what would a Doctor Strange appearance have looked like? Well, originally, there was talk of having the show’s commercials be messages from Strange to Wanda, with him even appearing in one of them. After these ideas were dropped, WandaVision was rewritten, and the upcoming film, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness had to be rethought as well.

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What an interesting turn of events! How did you like the WandaVision finale? Make sure to let us know! And stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Marvel news.

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