Sivako! We Found Two New Pandora Items in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Pandora — The World of Avatar has lots to eat, see, and do, including the popular attraction, Flight of Passage, and some unique desserts at Satu’li Canteen.


While hanging out in Disney’s Animal Kingdom today, we noticed two new items over in Pandora. This land is no stranger to glowing items, and one of the new items we found fits right in!

The merchandise that we find in Pandora is normally pretty unique so we like to peek into Windtraders from time to time to see what’s new! Today we spotted two new items!


We spotted this new blue hat for Pandora fans! It features different shades of blues, making it really bright just like the rest of the land.

New Pandora hat

This hat incorporates a lot of fun designs relating to different elements of the World of Avatar. We can even spot something that looks pretty similar to the Shaman of Songs as seen in the Na’vi River Journey!

New Pandora hat

The sides and back of the hat are mesh to allow for some breathability under the hot Florida sun! The hat costs $27.99.

New Pandora hat

The second item we found is the glowing banshee wings! You can see their bright blue lights near the center of the wings.

New Banshee Wings

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming one of the iconic Banshees, this is your chance! These wings are bright blue with flecks of yellow and black.

New Banshee Wings

Their designs and vibrant colors match the ambiance of Pandora really nicely, we think. These wings cost $15.00.

New Banshee Wings

These two items are great choices for Pandora fans, especially if you’re looking for a souvenir to remember your ride on Flight of Passage. Check back with us for more Disney merchandise updates!

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What’s your favorite attraction in Pandora — The World of Avatar? Tell us in the comments!

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