NEWS! Disney World Allowing Guests Affected by Delayed Hotel Reopening to Modify Reservations at No Additional Cost

Walt Disney World theme parks and many of the hotels are officially open to the public, but things continue to change post-opening.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney recently delayed the reopening of several resorts including Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, Art of Animation, and Disney’s Beach Club. In doing so, Disney also updated the cancellation and change fee policy.

Previously, Disney stated hotel guests affected by closures who wish to change to a different date or hotel were required to pay the difference should the hotel rates increase. Given the most recent delays, Disney has issued a new statement regarding these fees.

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

Per Disney’s statement below, guests who are affected by any reopening date change currently have the option to either modify the reservation to another hotel at no additional cost or to cancel without any imposed cancellation fees. This is the first time Disney is allowing guests to reschedule without paying the difference.


Disney World resort reopening dates and policies may change as events unfold. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more about resort closures, reopening dates, and any policy updates!

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3 Replies to “NEWS! Disney World Allowing Guests Affected by Delayed Hotel Reopening to Modify Reservations at No Additional Cost”

  1. Thank you for posting this information. I made my reservations before Covid for this Nov. and so far French Quarter is not on the list of resorts that are reopening, so I was going to change my reservation to one that is definitely open (which all appear to be more expensive), but I think with this information I will now wait and see what happens.

  2. We just got email confirmation yesterday that our mid Sept. AoA ressie will have to change or cancel. I’m trying to be patient with WDW due to all the Covid issues but seems odd to me that they decide now not to have AoA open. Strange that they can host the whole NBA teams roster and supporting staff but can’t handle the number of guest who have been scheduled much longer than the NBA has been. As I’ve stated many times in the past, (pre and post Covid) Disney needs to remember the die hard mouse fans who have supported them year after year for decades instead of courting new “one and done” business. I hope Disney has enough reliable fans to support them after the NBA gets finished using their facilities.

    1. You’re absolutely right. If you say things like this in Disney forums, it’s amazing how many people will defend Disney as if they are some mom and pop business that we need to support. I can’t count the times that people have said, “Disney doesn’t owe us anything!” THAT is why Disney doesn’t ever give back. There are far more people conditioned to believe that they are supposed to “support” Disney and happily hand over their paychecks. I’m with you on the fact that Disney has stopped ensuring repeat business from their most avid supporters. I’m a once or twice a year visitor traveling 8 hours. I’m a 2 table service a day person so I spend quite a bit of money while I’m there. I find ways around their ridiculous price gouging because the incentives are few and far between these days. I used to stay on property but I get a much nicer room for less off property and comfort is more important than location for me. I would much rather drive myself to the parks and not be at the mercy of the buses. I’ve spent, for a week in a 5 bedroom house with our own pool, what one night costs at the Poly or GF. So that’s where my money goes. Disney doesn’t seem to care about you unless you are a high roller.