Cancellation Emails Are Beginning to Be Sent to Guests With Impacted Disney Dining Reservations

Last week, we shared Disney’s announcement that they will be cancelling all upcoming dining reservations, in addition to all upcoming Disney Dining Plan reservations.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Guests with impacted reservations did not see this decision reflect on their reservations immediately, although some guests with dining reservations are beginning to see the cancellations come in.

Disney is noting that in order to “foster physical distancing during this unprecedented period,” the need to suspend and cancel dining and other experience bookings.

Email screenshot from Disney

The emails being sent are informing guests that their existing dining reservations are being cancelled.

Email screenshot from Disney

When Disney made their announcement last week that they would be cancelling these existing reservations, it was noted that those affected guests will receive priority access to rebook when reservations resume. At this time we do not know when Disney will resume accepting dining reservations.

This is a developing story and we will continue to provide updates as they come!

Have you received a cancellation email from Disney regarding an upcoming dining reservation? Let us know in the comments.


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18 Replies to “Cancellation Emails Are Beginning to Be Sent to Guests With Impacted Disney Dining Reservations”

  1. We received notification that all our dining and Bippidy Boppidy Boutique reservations had been cancelled for the first full week in November. We have booked through a travel agent. We had prepaid for several of the dining locations/events. So far we have received one of the refunds.

  2. Yep, we lost our Victoria and Albert’s chef’s table reservation in August. Our whole trip was planned around it. Super brutal.

  3. We received our cancellation emails for our trip in October. So bummed as we woke up super early to get them but we understand.

  4. First off i love this site i check it out almost every day but with masks required,no fireworks or parades or even character meet and greets and on top of that,cancelled fast passes and advanced dining reservations i could care less about fridge magnets,luggage,puzzles food item changes and popcorn buckets because by the time i get back to the parks after having our March May and June trips cancelled the magic of Disney has temporarily rubbed off.

  5. All my plans are gone in My Disney but I still do not have any emails for them. I did call because we paid ahead for a fireworks dessert party and they said it will take about 2 weeks for me to see the refund on my card. We also had Droid Depo and Lightsaber experiences booked that were still showing but the Cast Member I talked with said they were already cancelled but might take a few days to drop out of My Disney.

  6. Our dining plan and reservations were canceled for our trip in September. I will be going to our travel agent this week to cancel the entire trip. We’re not going to pay top dollar for an understandably limited experience, not to mention having to wear a mask in Florida weather. We do wear them, but it would be miserable in the heat and humidity.

  7. We received the email and not only our reservations were canceled our dining plan was canceled as well. We ended up canceling our Aug 20-31 trip which was scheduled last year during our last trip on the bounce back. We were told we were unable to reschedule a new trip even for next year. Disney rep said they were unable at this time. We were able to get a full refund including our Mickeys not so scary Halloween tickets.

    1. I knew I wasn’t taking my July trip at the word “mask”, but was transferred to guest services to rebook it for next July 2021. Right now it is room only, I will have to add tickets laters when available. Not sure what changed that you couldn’t rebook for next year, I did this on Memorial Day. However if next July still has masks, vying to book a park and limited everything I will cancel.

  8. I received emails cancelling ADRs, although there is still one restaurant and light saber reservations that they haven’t gotten to. In addition, I received an email confirming August 21 resort reservations for POFQ. Still anticipating that they might start cancelling resort reservations (maybe if DVC reservations fill up a lot), which would stink, but who knows? I called Disney Resort reservations today to ask, and the poor girl really didn’t know anything on the subject of possible cancellations although she said some resorts would probably not reopen and those with existing reservations would be worked to move resorts with if their chosen resort stayed closed. After that, got the reservation notification for POFQ with dining plan removed.

  9. In my opinion all these decisions are designed to get people to cancel their trips or postpone them into 2021. The simple truth is that under current conditions Disney cannot operate at anywhere near capacity for the foreseeable future ( maybe into 2021 ) so they need cancellations. Their next step could very well be to arbitrarily start cancelling existing Resort reservations to get them down to 50% capacity at Resorts and Parks. I’m more surprised that people would make or keep reservations under the current conditions “hoping” that things will change by the end of Summer. Until there is a viable vaccine or infections drop dramatically things will not change.