Do We Even NEED A Star Wars Hotel at Disney World?

Walt Disney World is building Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser, a Star Wars-themed Resort. Fans of the franchise: this is your chance to be immersed in the Star Wars universe in ways you’ve only imagined.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Concept Art ©Disney

Galactic Starcruiser is shaping up to be a very different Resort than guests are used to at Disney World (or just about anywhere, actually). And these changes have us wondering:

Does Walt Disney World even need a hotel like Galactic Starcruiser?

For starters, the Star Wars hotel is a two-day immersive experienceMuch like a cruise, guests will be ensconced in the ship (er, in the hotel) for the two days.

Star Wars Hotel Concept Art ©Disney

The one time guests will be able to venture into a Park is on their excursion to Batuu. Pretty different from the Disney vacation most people are used to, right? 

Star Wars Hotel Concept Art ©Disney

When they’re not “on planet,” guests will explore the ship and be able to wield lightsabers, protect the ship from enemies, see familiar faces like Chewbacca and Rey, and even become active participants in a Star Wars story where their decisions impact their onboard experiences.

Starcruiser Common Area

The goal on Galactic Starcruiser is really is to make guests feel like they’re a part of the Star Wars universe instead of feeling like they’re on a Disney vacation. But it may require a substantial mental shift from what Disney World guests are used to.

Star Wars Hotel ©Disney

Once guests enter the hotel, they will assume the role of a character in a story (which may even include dressing in appropriate Star Wars attire). After leaving Earth, the Resort will come to life as guests do their best to make sure their story ends the way they want it to!

Star Wars Hotel Concept Art ©Disney

Though we currently know very little about dining on board, we do know that like a cruise ship, the food will be all-inclusive. We also know the name and have concept art for one of the lounges that guests can expect to see on board the halcyon — Silver C Lounge.


We expect that more dining announcements will be made as more information is released about this brand new hotel.

Another element of Galactic Starcruiser that will require a mental shift will be that — as far as Disney has described the experience — guests will have to switch hotels once the two days of their stay come to an end.

Star Wars Hotel Concept Art ©Disney

Wondering if you should stay at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser once it opens? Then be sure to check out our should you stay at the Star Wars Hotel post here!

Galactic Starcruiser is described only as a two-day experience, and guests choosing to stay on property for more than two nights will disembark from the Star Wars world and will continue their Disney vacays as normal at one of the other Disney World hotels.

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Concept Art ©Disney

This may require guests to have two separate reservations to deal with, with one part of their vacation fully centered around Starcruiser and a second part requiring the planning incumbent in a busy Walt Disney World vacay. In a sense, it will be like planning two separate vacations.

Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser

To be fair, Disney is known for making the transition from one hotel to another pretty seamless; they’ll transfer your luggage for you, and you can even get a text with your room info just like when you check in for your first day. But for those guests who haven’t done this before, it may still ignite some worry or stress.

So does Disney World even need the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Resort? 

Ask a Star Wars fan, and the answer is likely to be very simple: YES! And we tend to agree in a sense. Of course no one needs an immersive Star Wars-themed hotel; it’s not life-sustaining. But it’s an innovative concept for a hotel that seeks to draw in fans (and the curious) who are willing to pay for the fully immersive Star Wars experience they’ve always dreamt of. So need in a literal sense, no. Need in a this-adds-value-to-a-person’s-life sense? Sure!

Are you planning to board the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser? Let us know in the comments below! 

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16 Replies to “Do We Even NEED A Star Wars Hotel at Disney World?”

  1. Definitely not needed. Even if money wasn’t the issue, I still wouldn’t want to stay there. I’ve only seen the original 3 SW movies & have no desire to see the rest.

  2. I applaud Disney for trying something this innovative. We are looking at West World without murderous robots. It is so ambitious, that I fear what is promised won’t happen. We have already seen cutbacks in the immersiveness of Galaxy’s Edge with few cast members walking around in character, other cast members in stores reportedly being less than excited to stay in character, and the recent change to common names of food. Something like Galactic Cruiser can’t afford cutbacks. Plus, we all know it will be very expensive. But as small as it reportedly will be, there shouldn’t be that many empty rooms (assuming Disney doesn’t make too many cuts).

  3. It’s going to have to be monitored really closely. And I think that’s where a lot of problems will arise. All you need is one over zealous “General” or “Rebel” to get too “immersed” in their role and get in somebody’s face or something. That would tick me off I know. Plus I do agree that claustrophobia will be an issue. I think Disney is not paying enough attention to what people REALLY want. The Skyway is already a waste of money IMO. But hopefully they’ll work that out. I’m afraid this one will be one too. Then they’ll just have to change it to a regular hotel that just looks like Star Wars. IDK. But let’s hope not

    1. Also on the flip side, I can also see guests complaining if cast members are slacking in their character roles. I’ve had a few lack luster servers at the Prime Time Cafe that made me want to ask for a discount.

  4. This has failure written all over it. The price tag is way too high and it only appeals to a very small number who are HUGE Star Wars fans who are willing to shell out the money for this experience.

  5. Curious. I see lots of “windows” which will need to be screens to show space and movement. These will undoubtedly break down sooner rather than later given their current attraction track records. Seeing a blue screen when one break will be less than stellar.
    Also, you won’t be able to see the real outside world for 2 days. Some people might not like that so much.
    And, yes, it’s going to cost way too much.

  6. Need? no. Want? Absolutely! My family loves to cruise and that’s basically what this is without actually going anywhere. And on top of that, the immersive aspect of being in a Star Was Galaxy sounds so cool.

  7. I think how much anyone “needs” or “wants” this is going to come down to price point. Based on how high the regular room prices have become, I can see this being a $1000 night or more experience. For many families I think it will be cost prohibitive. For those who can afford it, you would have to be a really big fan to go and it would likely be a one and done experience. My general sense is Disney over-estimated how high they could send Disney prices just because they have Star Wars and will need to do a course correct over time.

    1. What’s the difference? Just a regular trip to Disney World for a family of 4 can easily be, or exceed, $1,000 a night experience with hotel, tickets, food, etc…. and that doesn’t stop the WDW fanatics from paying it.

    2. I agree with Michele. Also, for Disney to build a one and done experience doesn’t make any sense. Repeat business is what made them what they are today. People now in charge seem to have forgotten that.

    1. I’m not willing to write off Batuu unless the lack of interest continues after the second ride opens. Imagine what the reaction would have been to Pandora if only Na’vi River had been open initially.