Should You Stay at the New Star Wars Resort?

If you’ve been following the latest Disney news like we have, you’ve heard that the Star Wars Resort that’s currently in the works is going to be unlike any other Disney resort. From the very limited information released so far, we know that it’s going to be part of a totally immersive experience that will start from the moment you arrive at the hotel.

Star Wars Resort entrance rendering ©Disney

We’re sure that the hotel will be beautiful and full of numerous Star Wars details and rich backstories. We’re also sure that a stay there will be on the expensive side!

So, all things considered, will it really be worth staying there, especially if you aren’t that big of a Star Wars fan? We thought we’d take a look at the pros and cons.

Star Wars Resort Concept Art ©Disney

A few reasons FOR staying at the Star Wars Resort:

  • The resort will connect you to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

According to news announced a few months ago, the resort will connect “seamlessly” to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new land set to open on August 29. From what we’ve read, Star Wars Hotel guests will be transported directly from the resort and straight into Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

  • The totally immersive and interactive resort will create a unique experience.

According to Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, this revolutionary new vacation experience will be a living adventure that allows guests to immerse themselves in an entirely new form of Disney storytelling. “It’s unlike anything that exists today,” Chapek said. “From the second you arrive, you will become a part of a Star Wars story!” 

Star Wars Resort Concept Art ©Disney

Once you enter the resort you will assume the role of a character in a story, which may even include dressing in appropriate Star Wars attire. After you “leave” Earth, the resort will come alive around you. It will be as though you are on a starship complete with other characters and stories.  Your storyline will follow you for the duration of your stay, every minute of every day, creating a unique experience for each person. It’s clear that a stay here will be unlike any other vacation you may have ever had.

If you ever dreamed of being a Jedi knight, riding a Tauntaun, or traveling to Alderaan, this may be the hotel you’re looking for!

Star Wars Resort Concept Art ©Disney

A few potential reasons to skip the Star Wars Resort: 

  • If you aren’t a Star Wars fan you might be a little confused and/or bored.

To create the immersive experience that’s been described, it sounds like all resort cast members will be in character, playing a role. They’ll be dressed accordingly; as a guest at the resort, you probably will be, too! At the very least, it will be encouraged. So, if you have never seen any of the Star Wars films (is that even possible?) or don’t really care for them (perish the thought!), you might not enjoy yourself very much.

  • There might be too much tech for you.

We read one article that discussed the possibility of a voice-activated virtual assistant type of unit (similar to Alexa or Google Home) being placed in the Star Wars Resort’s rooms, which would provide more opportunities for interaction. It also seems that most of the windows will show scenes from space, rather than the real outdoors, using technology like the “virtual portholes” you find on some Disney cruise ships.

It’s also been predicted that MagicBands and the Play Disney Parks app will be key to enhancing the activities and experiences that will be part of your “living adventure,” as information about you and what you do in the parks is collected.

If you’re not the sort of person who appreciates all of this technology, you might not want to stay in this hotel.

Star Wars Resort Concept Art ©Disney
  • It will undoubtedly be pricey.

Although pricing for the resort has not been released yet, it is pretty safe to guess that staying at the Star Wars Resort will cost a pretty penny. So if you are not 100 percent interested in living as a Star Wars character for your every waking moment during your vacation, you may want to look into other Disney resort options.

  • If you aren’t planning on spending most of your time at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge it might be a waste of time. 

If it’s true that your Star Wars storyline spans an entire day, or even the entire length of your vacation stay, well, that’s a long time to spend in just one area of one theme park. If you want to visit the rest of the Disney theme parks, and don’t plan to commit all of your vacation to Star Wars, this resort might not be right for you.

We don’t know yet when the Star Wars Resort will open, but we do one thing for sure: we’re excited to see it and WILL be staying there as soon as we can! Will we see you there?

Let us know what you think about this upcoming hotel, and the idea of the “living adventure” vacation. Does it appeal to you?

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12 Replies to “Should You Stay at the New Star Wars Resort?”

  1. Show of hands…who actually on this site thinks they will be able to afford to stay here? I think it’s going to be the same people that can afford that ridiculous $12,000 tour. I honestly think it’s a super cool and amazing idea…if it were the least bit affordable, but catering to the rich is what it will be no doubt.

    1. The deliberate transition from middle class money to upper class money is moving along right on schedule. I have no issue with it. It’s a business model that appears to be working for them. The ultimate goal is for all hotels to be DVC ownership with several set aside for business conferences and special events. Once WDW gets everyone on board with the DVC they will own them and can really do as they please. My suggestion is to not get hooked on the place unless you have an upper class income or are willing to go into debt for a Disney addiction.

  2. I’m personally not that big of a Star Wars fan to consider staying here- Galaxy’s Edge is just fine for me. But I have a friend who is a true super fan. He anticipates that he will stay at the Star Wars resort as either an add on to a “regular” Disney trip, or maybe as a dedicated long weekend. If the resort is as immersive as it appears, there may be no need or desire to do anything else on property while staying there.

  3. It Doesnt sound like the good old disney magic we all know and love ,that little by little is drifting away with greed . Also doesnt seem to kid friendly more for an adult fanatical star wars fan . no interest of anykind .

  4. It is just too much for the average fan. I like the older films. The new ones are not “must see” in my opinion. Also, the reason that I go to WDW is to go to the parks with my children not stay at my resort pretending to be in a movie.

    1. I’m with you CS, but WDW fills up their Deluxe hotels every night at $400+ a night. So,there are a lot of folks who put a high value on the hotel experience. Disney is rolling the dice that they will pay even more for a more immersive experience. We’ll see?

  5. Yeah it’s possible not to have seen any of the Star Wars movies. I fell asleep at the first one at age 10 and never bothered to see any of the rest of them. No interest in this hotel but I will try any new attraction that opens regardless.

  6. While I am a total Star Wars geek I don’t think I will be staying here. First and foremost I couldn’t justify the price if all indications are accurate. Second, as stated it predicates you dedicating most if not all of your stay in a specific area. A Disney vacation costs way too much money to do that.

    I am excited to see the resort on my next trip to The World. I hope it’s done right. The way Disney first handled the Star Wars universe was very disappointing. It is getting better though.

  7. It will undoubtedly be pricey.???
    Based on the Tech involved and the demand from hard core Star Wars fans? This place will make the Grand Floridian rate look like a bargain.