Magic Kingdom’s Coolest Lounge Singer Is Back! Sonny Eclipse Returns to Cosmic Ray’s!

He is cheesy, but he is fun. Normally, when you are dining in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom‘s Tomorrowland you can enjoy a set from the alien lounge singer Sonny Eclipse.  Until recently, that is. Sonny took a brief break — but now he’s back!

Welcome back, Sonny Eclipse!

The next time you stop in Cosmic Ray’s be sure to take a moment to enjoy Sonny and his tunes on his Astro-Organ.

Sonny comes to Cosmic Ray’s from Yew Nork City on Planet Zork and is backed by three invisible backup singers. Sonny and the Space Angels rotate through an eight-song set with a few jokes peppered in between the songs.

Welcome back, Sonny Eclipse!

Did you visit Cosmic Ray’s during Sonny’s absence? Did you miss him? Let us know in the comments!


Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe Restaurant

Rating: 6.89 / 10 Recommended By: 79%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner
Services: Quick Service


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4 Replies to “Magic Kingdom’s Coolest Lounge Singer Is Back! Sonny Eclipse Returns to Cosmic Ray’s!”

  1. I really missed Sonny when we were there in June. It felt totally wrong that he wasn’t there. So glad he’s back!!!

  2. Phew! This is one of the best parts / memories of a MK experience, imo. Hope he stays around indefinitely.