Flight of Passage vs. Rise of the Resistance: Which Will Win?

Disney says it is pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation and technology with the Rise of the Resistance attraction that will be opening at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge later this year.

Avatar Flight of Passage Entrance
Avatar Flight of Passage Entrance

But, how will this compare to the current leader of immersion and technology: Avatar Flight of Passage?

Follow along with us as we explore what we know so far about Rise of the Resistance and the similarities and differences it will have to Flight of Passage to see who you think will come out on top as the most epic Disney attraction!

Avatar Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage is an attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that allows you to feel as if you are a part Pandora – The World of Avatar as you soar on the back of an Ikran or as we call it, a Banshee. 

This experience is unlike any other because it truly makes you feel as if you are an Avatar, experiencing the same rite of passage as the Na’vi. It’s a very immersive attraction, from the second you set foot in the (very long) queue, through the caves, through the bioluminescent forest, through the lab, right up until the moment that you are sitting astride your ride vehicle. By the time you take your seat on your “Banshee,” you really believe you are soaring through Pandora, smelling, seeing, and feeling the land as if you’re really there.

Avatar Flight of Passage

Rise of the Resistance

The Rise of the Resistance attraction, which will be opening as part of phase two of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge project on both coasts, will place you in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Riders will go through multiple scenarios aboard a First Order Star Destroyer, on a Resistance Transport, and in the path of AT-AT walkers!

Disney has raved that this attraction will be unlike any other,  but since it has not opened yet, we can only speculate on the experience based on the details that have been released thus far.

Read more Rise of the Resistance attraction details here! 

Rise of the Resistance ©Disney

So, what are the similarities between the two attractions?

Immersive queue lines are one major similarity. Waiting in line has become part of the attraction with both of these rides. The queues are filled with intricate details that pertain to the nature of the attraction.

For example, on Flight of Passage, one feels as if they are truly visiting the world of Pandora while waiting in line thanks to an incredible animatronic, the bioluminescent decor, and more. Rise of the Resistance queue will likely take people on a similar journey as it takes guests through the rocky cliffs of Batuu, a forest, caves, and more.

For both attractions, the queue is an integral part of the experience, placing you, the rider, in the middle of the world and the story.

Flight of Passage Queue Line

Another similarity also happens to occur when waiting in line. Both attractions will use the Play Disney Parks app. This is an app that lets you interact with items and play games while waiting in line. When waiting in line for Flight of Passage, guests can scan their surroundings for exotic lifeforms, create indigenous music, all while learning interesting facts!

The Play Disney Parks app will also be really fun when waiting in line for Rise of the Resistance as it will give guests the opportunity to translate galactic languages, scan encrypted cargo, and discover hidden items.

Click here to learn about the Play Disney Parks app features for all of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Play Disney Parks App

Another huge similarity will be the type of ride experience. Lately, many theme parks have been including the use of a screen for attractions, which has changed the way riders experience the ride. In line with that trend,  Rise of the Resistance looks as though the ride experience will revolve around guests viewing a screen, just like Flight of Passage.

AT-AT Walkers in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ©Disney

The biggest similarity is going to be the immersion factor. Both attractions have been created to make riders feel as if they are really a part of the world they are experiencing by engaging ALL of our senses. You not only see and hear the ride unfold in front of you, but scents are used to appeal to your sense of smell, and other sensations affect your sense of touch. On Flight of Passage for instance, you feel a spray of mist on your face as you “soar” over water, and you feel your Banshee’s sides heaving as it breathes underneath you. We expect that Rise of the Resistance will employ similar sensory techniques in the hope that guests will become so engrossed in the experience that they forget they are on a theme park ride, even if only for a minute or two.

Even though we don’t know exactly how Rise of the Resistance will do this, we believe that it’s going to take the experience to the next level.

What are the differences between the two attractions?

The ride vehicle is a major difference when it comes to the two attractions. The Flight of Passage attraction creates a more “personal experience” as you are individually linked to an Avatar. To expand on this “personal experience” guests ride solo on a ride vehicle that resembles a motorbike.

Flight of Passage Ride Vehicles

The Rise of the Resistance is more of a group experience as the ride vehicle fits up to eight people.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Rise of the Resistance Ride Vehicle at Star Wars Celebration

Another major difference is that Rise of the Resistance vehicles are trackless and move, while Flight of Passage vehicles are stationary.  And while you don’t really notice this when riding Flight of Passage, I’m interested to see how the ride experience changes when maneuvering around on Rise of the Resistance.

We’re ready to see how Rise of the Resistance turns out and we can’t wait to see if it can beat out Flight of Passage!

So, with all of this info, which attraction do you think will reign supreme after Rise of the Resistance opens? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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