Disney World’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Testing Smart Speakers in Guest Rooms

Disney World has started testing Smart Speakers in select guest rooms at both the Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts.

Yacht Club Resort

The voice-activated Smart Speakers will allow resort guests to get information on park hours, bus arrival times, check the weather, check the internet, and more.

The Smart Speakers will not require any registration or set up by the guest, and will not be connected to any personal accounts, including My Disney Experience accounts.

Smart Speaker

Currently, if you are staying at either resort during the test, you can not request a Smart Speaker in your room if you are in a room without a Smart Speaker.

If you stay in a room with a Smart Speaker during the test, after your stay Disney will be gathering feedback from you about your use of and experience with the Smart Speaker.

It is not certain at this time if you can opt-out of the test and request a room without a speaker.

How do you feel about Smart Speakers in resort rooms? If you are in a room with a Smart Speaker will you use it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “Disney World’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Testing Smart Speakers in Guest Rooms”

  1. I agree with the “no speaker” folks. In fact, were I forced to be in a room with a smart speaker, I would take all necessary steps to disable it.

  2. Disney like to throw a lot of useless technology at its guests just for the sake of saying “look at us, we are not cavemen, we have technology.” How bout just worry about building good attractions, shortening the lines, and reducing the mobs.

  3. I wouldn’t be interested since it doesn’t connect to your my disney app. It seems almost pointless if you can’t use it for your specific trip. I too would be paranoid that it’s more of a listening device for the Cheese.

  4. I’m an intelligence analyst and would not opt in for a room with a speaker. There have been too many issues with Alexa lately such as broadcasting conversations unbeknownst to the user, etc.

    ‘Not interested.

  5. This might make me a bit paranoid actually. It sounds a lot like Alexa, which I’ve read has concerned some users for its potential ability to let someone listen in on your conversations at home. While it seems neat in theory, it’s provides information I can easily look up on my phone, either in the My Disney Experience app or at Weather.com. I’m all for convenience but this would have me wondering if The Big Cheese is spying on me!