“Unleash the Villains” Friday the 13th Limited Time Magic

Limited Time Magic brought a villain-filled night on September 13, 2013, to Disney’s Hollywood Studios — the “Unleash the Villains” event saw the park open until the 13th hour on Friday the 13th (1 a.m.) and featured a night filled with numerous Disney “bad guys” dancing and greeting guests all around the park. Here are some video highlights from the evening, including meet and greets with some rarely seen characters, and the spectactular “Villainy in the Sky” fireworks presentation that capped the event.

Introducing the 13 Featured Villains

Meet-and-Greet with Bowler Hat Guy from “Meet the Robinsons”

Meet-and-Greet with Oogie Boogie from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Villainy in the Sky Fireworks

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