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A couple of weeks ago I told you I was vacationing in Washington, DC. If you are like me, even when I am not at a Disney park, I notice Disney stuff everywhere. Raise your hand if you point out hidden Mickeys no where near a Disney attraction. Uh huh, just as I thought. Lots of you. Then, I hope you will indulge me as I show you a couple of Disney related things I saw in my nation’s Capitol.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History has an exhibit on American Pop Culture. The first item you see in the exhibit is a Dumbo ride vehicle. I noticed many children extremely happy to point it out to their families. I bet they would have rather been riding Dumbo than seeing it.

Dumbo ride vehicle on display in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Dumbo ride vehicle on display in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History in Washington, DC..
Nikon D700/Tokina 11-16mm, 1/60s, f/2.8, ISO 2800, EV 0, 16mm focal length.

Not to far from the American History Museum is the United States National Archives. This building played a major role in the first National Treasure movie as Ben Gates, played by Nicolas Cage, steals the original Declaration of Independence from the vault inside the Archives. I also saw the Reading Room inside the Library of Congress which was used in both the first and second National Treasure movies but photography was not allowed even without a flash.

US National Archives building in Washington, DC.

US National Archives building in Washington, DC.
Nikon D700/Tokina 11-16mm, 1/160s, f/16, ISO 200, EV 0, 16mm focal length.

Where have you seen references to Disney parks or movies when traveling away from the Disney themeparks?

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8 Replies to “Disney in Washington, DC”

  1. My daughter and I send pictures of hidden mickeys via text message to each other all the time no matter where we are. I found one of 3 sombreros at a local Mexican restaurant, she thought I had went without her.

    Scott replies: That gave me a chuckle, Michelle! Search for Sombreo here, I got a couple of people under them.

  2. My husband is not quite obsessed with Disney as I am. So we compromise and WDW isn’t always our vacation destination…so for Spring Break this year we went to Washington DC. I found that very same Dumbo and of course I had to pose with it. He agreed that I can find a “little bit of the magic” anywhere we go! Great pic!

    Scott replies: A true Disney fan(atic), Laurie! Hope you enjoyed your trip to DC.

  3. In the fall of 2005 the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn MI, working with Disney Imagineering, put together an amazing exhibit to mark Disneylands 50th anniversary. In addition to the exhibit with over 400 artifacts — including Herb Rymans’ original park drawing — they had a day long seminar with a number of guest speakers highlighted by an hour long talk by Marty Sklar.

    That one day was able to provide my disney fix for quite a while without having to travel to Orlando.

    Scott replies: I have been to the Henry Ford Museum and it is a fabulous place. I bet they put on a fantastic exhibit.

  4. The last time we were seeing the sights in Philadelphia, it might as well have been the city of National Treasure, rather than Brotherly Love, as far as my son was concerned! Even the tour guides at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall mentioned the movie. Crazy!

    Scott replies: I can see where historic places would use a popular movie to keep their presentations fresh and current. After visiting the Library of Congress’ Great Hall, people could put all kinds of puzzles together. Each piece of art and names in the place had a story behind it.

  5. I think the folks at the Smithsonian made a mistake. Dumbo belongs in the Air and Space Museum … don’t ya think?

    Scott replies: You may have a point there, Craig.

  6. We recently took a quick trip to Chicago, IL over our son’s spring break. Of course we had to visit the Disney Store but the best mention of Disney was when my almost 8 year old son said during one of our cab rides “This is just like riding test track”. I had to agree!

  7. Haha-Scott, a true Disney person does find hidden Mickey’s!! I find them everywhere, I am quite glad I am not alone on this, because my kids make me think I am and now I know I am not!!! Thank you, thank you 🙂
    Have a Mickey kind of day, or Goofy-whatever you chose!!!

    Scott replies: No, you are definitely not alone, Becky! I think it’s more a Goofy kind of day for me. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I too, was in D.C. the first week of April, and we saw all the same things (and took the same pictures), and was thinking of Disney just like you!

    Scott replies: LOL Yep, we are a lost cause but it’s a magical one!