Disney when Not at Disney

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Even when I travel to a non-Disney destination, I seem to find references to Disney or use lessons I learned when photographing at Disney properties. Then there is the kind of travel planned to include a Disney location. Which is what I did when I found out I would be spending a day in Boston, … Continue reading "Disney when Not at Disney"
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Olympic National Park Vacation Photography

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As I mentioned in a previous post this year on my vacation plans, I interned at Olympic National Park back in 1981. Over the last two weeks, I finally returned to and wanted to share a trio of photos which highlight what makes this U.S. National Park so beautiful and unique. Olympic National Park is … Continue reading "Olympic National Park Vacation Photography"
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Disney in Washington, DC

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A couple of weeks ago I told you I was vacationing in Washington, DC. If you are like me, even when I am not at a Disney park, I notice Disney stuff everywhere. Raise your hand if you point out hidden Mickeys no where near a Disney attraction. Uh huh, just as I thought. Lots … Continue reading "Disney in Washington, DC"