Monorail Futuristic

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Everyone loves a free ride. Hop aboard Walt Disney World’s monorail from the Polynesian, Grand Floridian or Contemporary resorts and enjoy the view.


Adobe Photoshop is fun!

Disney Pic of the Week – Monorails

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3 Replies to “Monorail Futuristic”

  1. When people tell me to “go to my happy place” I put myself inside the monorail that circles the Magic Kingdom Resort Loop. I love the monorail!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa. This topic has jogged my memory. Do you happen to know of any info regarding the supposedly new monorail color? Pink and Purple had been combined for Teal after the unfortunate accident, when we were there in March, 2010. I heard a new one was in the works for the end of that year but haven’t heard anything since. Just wondering!! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Lisa responds: Hiya Josh. No, I have no idea what the new monorail color will be. I didn’t even know they were working on one. Sorry.