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36 Replies to “Holiday Decorations at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. This will be our first trip at Christmas. Will we be able to see the lights lit up on the castle? Think we might be there on the 6th of December and the park is open til 10

    AllEars: Yes, the Castle lighting takes place each evening. Check the times guide for when.

  2. At one time, the Christmas season began in WDW around Thanksgiving. However, to enable more guests to share in the Christmas Magic, many of the Christmas elements (decorations, shows, parades, VMCP, etc.) were moved up to begin in early November. This is truly beneficial for WDW guests, enabling more of them to enjoy the magic of Disney at Christmas.

  3. Gosh, I can’t wait until we get there Dec.5th….Disney World at Christmas…my sister and I are going to have the time of our lives…we’re both big Disney freaks, and we’re just youngsters in our 60’s going to our favorite place at our favorite time of the year.

  4. Saw the Osborne Festival of Lights Decorations last year. Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to enjoy Florida at Christmas Time again this year, the holiday atmosphere was sooooooo fun!

  5. This will be my family’s first Christmas at Disney, we can”t wait. will be there on 12/15/2010. Getting very exciting.

  6. I am going in about 37 or 38 days to Disney world and im going to see this all(: i am 13 and i get to bring my best friend in the whole world, and im going with my family and my sister gets to bring a friend to! I cant imagine yet my best friend and i in Disney world, THERE, with all those amazing decorations. Honestly i wish it was already December 17(: But i gotta love thanksgiving too

  7. This will be our 5th time at WDW for the Holidays. Last time in 2008 we missed the Christmas Parade that’s shown of TV by one day. Will be there 12/10 -12/17 this year. Do you know when they will be taping this year?

    ALLEARS: The Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade will be recorded in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on December 3 and 4, 2010. Various parade elements and guest star performances will be shot on the Cinderella Castle Stage and Main Street USA. (Production is subject to change and may be cancelled or changed at the last minute.)

  8. My family and I will be there from 12/19-12/26. This will be our second Christmas at Disney World. We are so excited to get to come back. It is absolutely beautiful and so magical. To me I have the holiday spirit more being there than anywhere else. You get to leave all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season behind you and just enjoy it.
    Our resort, Wilderness Lodge, is absolutely beautiful during this time of the year.
    There is really nothing like Disney World and spending time with your family at Christmas.

  9. I will be there 12/11 through 12/18–is the gingerbread house up at the Grand Floridian? I really just want to live on main street.

    ALLEARS: Most certainly should be.

  10. Will also be there from 12/9 to 12/16 but coming from other end of country-Maine! December is the best time in Disney World especially those days!

  11. No, there is NOTHING better than Disney at Christmas. Going there in 2 days, and super excited to see the place decorated for the holidays.

  12. We are going to be there 12/9-12/16. Can’t wait, thanks for sharing the photos!! Going to MVMCP on the 12th. This is our first trip in December, gone in Feb and Aug before. Lots of snow here in Alaska, so it will be a nice “break” for us by December!!

  13. Thank you for getting my family & I EVEN more excited about our second Christmas vacation at WDW! We arrive in 40 days, but who is counting?(you better believe we are) .
    The decorations are just amazing at Christmas time and they are everywhere you look.
    Our resort Coronado Springs always looks stunning and the violin players that perform as we book in are such a lovely touch.
    Disney really knows how to do it up right, a must see, so put it on your bucket list!!

  14. I can’t wait for my trip later this year. Christmas season is my most favorite time of the year at WDW. I am especially excited this year since I am taking my godson, who just turned 10, down for a few days. Though we have done other trips he has never seen Disney at Christmas time. I can’t not wait to see his reactions to everything.

  15. I’m going in December 2011 for my honeymoon and after going to WDW 17 times, I’m soo excited to see the holiday decorations for the first time! Extra magic!!

  16. I so agree with the comment above. I thought I was the only one who thinks Christmas starts too early. I love Thanksgiving but it seems to have pushed aside.