Reader Mailbag – Hong Kong and Tokyo Disney Parks!

I’d like to thank everyone for all the emails you sent regarding my Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea blogs. I’m so glad you have been enjoying the trip report and photos!

BTW, several of you have asked what type of camera I use. All of the pictures shot in Hong Kong were taken with a Nikon D80 camera and a Nikkor 18-200mm lens. The pictures of Tokyo DisneySea shot with the above mentioned camera and a Sony point-and-shot Cyer-shot 4.1 mega pixels.

Here are just a few of the emails I have received:

Monique writes: A big “Thanks!” to Jack for giving us such a terrific tour of the Tokyo and Hong Kong parks. Fantastic photos and great commentary – the next best thing to being there! Tokyo DisneySea in particular has made a big leap up to the top of my “bucket list” – great job!

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Morag writes: I am loving Jack’s blog about his trip to the Asian Disney parks. It has been very interesting to see how these parks have been developed and the attention to detail in DisneySea is by far some of the best I have ever seen

I have been to all of the Disney parks in America and from what I have seen and read in these blogs makes me hope that Disney will take on board some of these ideas for their American counterparts.

I too miss 20,000 leagues and would love to see some form of water attraction take its place. Keep up the good work you have made, at least me, very jealous of your adventures.

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Katsumi in Tokyo, Japan shares:

Hello Jack-san. I’m Japanese and enjoy reading your blog in Tokyo regarding Tokyo Disney Resort. I’m very impressed that you know the details of TDR and Japanese culture/styles/personality.

I’m pleased to read that your most favorite park is Tokyo Disney Sea. I have only been to Tokyo Disney Resort and Walt Disney World, but my most favorite resort is Tokyo DisneySea. As you mentioned, every scenery is beautiful and I feel comfortable just staying in TDS.

Also I’m happy to see that you like Big Band Beat (BBB). The reason I bought annual pass for TDS is that I want to see BBB every week. Singers, dancers, musicians and Mickey & his pals are edgy, and this show seems perfect for me. The section after “Sing Sing Sing” always makes me excited.

I hope that we have chance to see BBB together at your next visit to TDS. I’m looking forward to read the rest of your blog.

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Jeanine, who previously blogged about her Tokyo Disney Trip shares:

Great blog! For more information about the back-story on Tokyo’s Tower of Terror, there’s a long and elaborate webpage (in Japanese) on it at

DisneySeas is a fantastic park! I actually wound up buying DVDs and guidebooks in a language I don’t even speak just to have more information on it.

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Cathy Mullen writes:

I have enjoyed reading your Tokyo Disney World blog. Right now I have a friend visiting a relative in Tokyo and she is planning to visit Disney while there. She has been sending very interesting emails about her adventures so with her emails and your blogs I feel right there too!
Maybe someday I will get a chance to visit myself because the park looks so lovely and they have my favorite parade- the Electric Parade!

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Jen shares:

Your blogs about Disney Tokyo and Disney Hong Kong have been extremely enjoyable to read. The pictures are great and you do a tremendous job describing your experience. I look forward to your blog every day. Thanks for sharing your experiences with readers like me.

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Debbie Hudson exclaims:

Wow, Jack! Absolutely STUNNING!

I am really glad you wrote the blogs on the Western Parks; I’ve never seen any of them, and honestly, I had no idea (really) what DisneySea was.

That place is just amazing! I cannot believe the lushness of it. Just stunning–I can’t use any other word to describe it. Wow, I think if I could ever afford to visit one of the other Parks, that would have to be it.

V-E-R-Y nice!!

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MaryAnn Eckenrode writes:

I just loved it. Your trip to Japan must have been fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. If you every make book of this trip, keep me in mind. I’m just so impress with everything, words can’t describe. Thanks for your time. It was greatly appreciated.

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Lastly, Tom Zamorski shares:

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful, comprehensive and well photographed tour of Tokyo DisneySea. Frankly, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get to see it first hand so your tour let me enjoy it, albeit from afar. Thank you very much for the hard work you put into bringing this exotic destination into our homes.

And from Jack……..Again, my thanks to everyone.

Now, on to Tokyo Disneyland!

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