Wandering Around the World

Deb Wills shares some photos she recently took while wandering around Port Canaveral

Catching a glimpse of the ship as you approach the port.
The Disney Wonder
As you approach the Port Canaveral area, you can catch a couple glimpses of the Disney Wonder (or Magic). Seeing the red smoke stacks always makes me smile and adds to the excitement!
Exterior of Port Canaveral
It's a beautiful terminal, clean and pristine! There is a drop off area where you can unload your luggage and the porters are right there to take care of you (remember to tip for good service). Get your photo ID out at this point so you can go through the first check point. A Cast Member will check your ID with the cruise passenger list.

The area entering the building itself is a photo free zone due to security. Just think airport security. Once through the metal detectors, go up the escalator and after you step off, look down for an image of the castle.

Entering the main area of the port.
Sing - Please stop at desk for Document Assistance
Depending on the time of day you get to the terminal, it will be empty to crowded! Usually late mornings are low crowds.
Prior to getting in the check in line, Cast Members will make sure all your documents are properly filled out. Then, just get in the appropriate line.
Check in area
Waiting area
When you check in, you'll receive a boarding pass (Disney boards by group number). Group 1 is those needing special assistance and concierge cruisers. Then regular boarding begins with group 2. This eliminates standing in line and allows you to wait on the couches.
There is a huge model of the ship to explore. There is usually a character or two to help pass the time too!
To the left of the Mickey Ears entrance, concierge guests have a separate waiting area, with couches and small tables with limited kids activities.
Youth Activities Pre-registration Area
Coffee Shop
To the right of the Mickey Ears entrance is the Youth Activities Registration Area. If you haven't pre-registered your children, do that here. You can also pick up the Navigators which list all the kids/teen activities for your cruise. The Registration area is adjacent to the coffee/snack shop.
Sign - Guests 18 and older need photo ID and Key to the World Card
Mickey Ears Entrance
Soon, it's time to board! Be sure to have your IDs ready and enter through the Mickey Ears! Ship boarding begins anywhere from noon to 1:00pm. Your adventure is about to begin!