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Adventureland-themed stalls near the Jungle Cruise. Opened 12/18.


Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 07/03/2020

Rating: (10)

This is my personal favorite for a fast, relatively healthy and cheap food option. The bao's are so yummy and will fill you up easily for super cheap. Not to mention there is almost never a line if you don't want to get anything from the dessert section. Might be tricky for picky kids but perfect for a quick lunch or snack! Also, the seating area is so peaceful and you get an amazing view of the Jungle Cruise! Pro tip: there is a bird that is at the edge of the water that appears to be static but it will squak and make noises every once in a while so either do or don't place someone who scares there easily. I got a good laugh out of doing it to a friend so stand there at your own risk!


good cheap food and a beautiful seating area.


not good for picky eaters.
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