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Reviewed by DVCSammy Review Date: 04/26/2022

Rating: (10)

Also qualifies with my 'DISNEYLAND FOOD IS IMPROVING' mantra .. .. Ate here for the very first time in April and the food is good and service is terrific .. .. Had the Ribs on Mac and it was delicious while Mom had their Salad and she couldn't finish it .. .. Really good stop!


'Hidden' gem?


Limited indoor seating
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Reviewed by TiggerTrigger Review Date: 01/20/2016

Rating: (7)

Some of the food was really good, while other items were so so. The meatloaf tasted like sausage, so we weren't big fans. We also don't care for beans in chili, so that was a let down. The burger and fried pickles were decent and the malts we ordered were great.

We sat inside and the historical photos are pretty cool, but there's nothing overly neat about dining here. You also have to leave the restaurant to use the restroom and there's a strange unmarked door without a handle for re-entry that you use to access the area near the bathroom line.

I think this is one of those if you want a sit down meal, but maybe it's more of a last minute decision. i.e. I wouldn't go out of my way to dine here.


Good basic food/great service/good location


The meatloaf has a funky taste/beans in the chili
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Reviewed by omalley1118 Review Date: 08/31/2013

Rating: (9)

We ate here for lunch on Monday. The food was really good. My husband had been dying to try Walt's chili, and he was NOT disappointed!! All of our choices were great. The service was very friendly and attentive. I liked being right there on Main Street!!

Try the s'mores dessert!!! It was awesome!!!!


Good food, nice atmosphere, good service


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Reviewed by radioguy2575 Review Date: 02/13/2013

Rating: (3)
Not Recommended

We visited the park on October 31st, during the day. It wasn't my first time in the park, but it was my first, and last, time to eat here. We were seated quickly, but had to wait 15 minutes for a drink order. I had heard about the fried pickles so we ordered those at the same time. Five minutes went by and then our waitress came back to take our orders. There here is the way it played out next. Our main dishes came out about 10 minutes later, then our drinks. Right as we were done our appetizer came out. Our waitress was never seen again and drinks never were refilled. I found someone who was equivalent to a manager and advised what had just happened. We did try to get someone to help us during the meal but I guess they couldn't handle all 20 people in the restaurant at the same time. They comped the meal, said they were sorry and not to leave any tip as "this was not the Disney service you deserve". They were sincere in the apology and I left better than I did during my dinner.




limited menu, food quality, service
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