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Reviewed by bellebookworm9 Review Date: 05/30/2018

Rating: (7)

I dined here on 5/26/18 for the Fantasmic! package. The menu has changed since my last time here in 2015, and is even different than menus I've seen online - I was really looking forward to strawberry shortcake but it was not on the menu. My reservation was at 7:05pm and I was allowed to choose the showtime I wanted; I picked the later 10:30pm option. I don't mind eating quickly but I felt very, very rushed here, even though I spent about 45 minutes. My server spoke so fast it was like he was auditioning to be "that voice" at the end of the car commercials!

I had the house salad (very good), the pulled pork sandwich (good but very messy) with coleslaw and beans, and the seasonal caramel pudding parfait (delicious, but not strawberry shortcake). I should have chosen a different side besides the coleslaw, since the sandwich comes topped with it as well. A lot of the options are sandwiches and the $45 price tag seems a little high for what you actually get.

I will say the reserved viewing area was great. I've never gotten such good pictures of the show, either at DLR or WDW. I watched the fireworks from Main Street and then joined the crowds moving slowly to New Orleans Square. It is my understanding that for the earlier show, they separate the viewing areas for the three restaurants, with Blue Bayou getting the front and center spot, but for the later show, everyone mingles together. Even though it was a holiday weekend, the area was not crowded - probably because it was the later show, of course. I had plenty of room to spread out and was in the third "row" (I use the term loosely because beyond the first clear row it was kind of a free for all pattern!) Next time I might try one of the other restaurants to get a value more closely aligned with food and service.


Decent food


Felt very rushed, Sort of expensive for the food quality
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Reviewed by bellebookworm9 Review Date: 10/17/2015

Rating: (6)

We dined here for the Fantasmic package on 9/27. Our ADR was for 6:00pm, and we arrived a bit early. At check-in, I was asked which showtime we preferred our Fastpass for, and chose the later show (10:45pm). They asked if we had a preference of inside or outside seating, or if we were fine with next available table. We said next available was not a problem. There is a row of chairs near the check in podium to sit in while waiting. I was very thirsty, so walked next door to Stage Door Cafe to get some ice water. While I was gone, they seated my mom at a table outside, towards New Orleans Square.

That table actually would have been a decent spot to view Fantasmic from, as it was right on the railing. The dinner package has a limited menu to choose from, but we knew that ahead of time.

For appetizers, there is a choice of Salad or Soup (corn chowder). We both ordered the salad. It was fine, but just a salad. Nothing to rave about. Entrees consist of a steak/shrimp combo, chicken, or pasta. My mom had the New York Strip w/ Cajun Shrimp, and I had the Rosemary-Marinated Chicken Breast. Both dishes were served with mashed potatoes and broccolini. Neither of us had any complaints, and I loved the potatoes!

For dessert, we ordered one of each choice, the Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry Sauce (comes with just a drizzle on the side) and the Caramel Apple Pie Streusel. I liked the pie a lot, but my mom wished there was a better ratio of raspberry to chocolate.

The service was good, but not outstanding. In the end, we did not even end up seeing Fantasmic, as we were so tired from our day of travel, and had been up since 3:30am EST. Therefore I cannot comment on the viewing for the show. This was a decent meal and probably the best option for seeing the show when accounting for price and central viewing area. Since we arrived at the park late in the day, I do not know if there were even general Fastpasses left for Fantasmic at that time.


Seated early, choice of Fantasmic showtimes


Flies due to Outdoor location
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Reviewed by sharonabe Review Date: 09/13/2014

Rating: (10)

This was our favorite QS meal at DL. The turkey sandwich was fresh and all the fancy extras on the fixin's bar really made the meal! We had to go next door to get something for our picky kids, but it was worth it.


Great fixin's bar


nothing for picky kids
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Reviewed by mom2boys2 Review Date: 01/30/2013

Rating: (6)

We ate one dinner here. Three kids meals (my husband wasn't wanting anything big that night!) and one adult meal (no drink) was $32 (after DVC discount). It seemed expensive relative to other meals this week. However, the food was good and it was nice to have some variety.
The boys had the PB&J Uncrustable (which is now hard to find in the parks!) with carrots/celery sticks and apple slices. They vegetables and fruit are precut and served on a plate rather than bagged. It took away the ability to split one serving and carry another with us for a snack later (which is what we usually do).
Husband had the kids turkey sandwich with the same sides. It comes on wheat "goldfish" bread. He said it was fine and met his needs for the night.
I had the Tennessee BBQ Pork Sandwich which is served with baked beans. I chose coleslaw as my cold side. It was all very tasty. The bread is a bit overpowering so I removed one half of the bun so be able to enjoy the pork flavor.
Overall the meal was good but the price I felt was high.


Good food with different options


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