5 WORST Disney’s Hollywood Studios Restaurants According to Yelp

We love eating at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios

There are around 30 options for you to choose from when you’re feeling hungry, not including the snack carts that are around the park. But here’s the thing, not all of these restaurants are created equal. As such, there are several that you might want to avoid on your next trip. Here are the 5 WORST restaurants in Hollywood Studios according to Yelp!

1. Rosie’s All American Café

First up, 51 reviewers on Yelp rated Rosie’s All American Café at 2.6 out of 5.

One reviewer mentioned, “The most basic of theme park food – Disney-priced hots dogs and fries, which are convenient and filling, but that’s about it. Located just outside the Tower of Terror, it’s convenient but not especially noteworthy. At least they offer mobile order to keep things moving pretty quickly.”

Rosie’s All-American Cafe

Another reviewer shared, “I tried the plant-based lobster roll during my most recent trip. The potato chips were out of control salty. It was so covered in salt, that it was pretty awful. The Lobster roll had a unique flavor to it, but was rather messy. It seemed like one of the better menu options. I liked it alright. I am not sure I would get it again, but it was fun trying. The wait wasn’t long because we mobile ordered. There was plenty of seating available.

2. ABC Commissary

Next up, 235 reviewers on Yelp rated ABC Commissary at 3.1 out of 5.

One Yelp reviewer shared, “A inside quick eatery where you can order on the app and pick up and grab a seat in the cool air conditioning. They have a few great items here – the Arugula-Farro salad was excellent, and the pork carnitas tacos were fantastic, including the rice and beans. Kid’s grilled ham and cheese was just ok, a bit soggy vs crisp on the toasted bread. Fries were steak-cut. They have a bathroom inside, too, which was nice, and drinks like sweet tea and soda fountain machines.”

ABC Commissary

Another mentioned, “Would not recommend based on the food I had — I ordered grilled ham and cheese sandwich for my son and he wouldn’t even finish it. It was soooo hard, much harder than what a kid should be eating. The strawberry lemonade slushy was good though. The kid’s sandwich came with baked Lay’s chips and a cutie, so we’ll rounded I suppose, but really just couldn’t get over how awful the grilled cheese was. I was 100% unimpressed with the food in all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was also fairly expensive, like $12 bucks or something .. not worth it.”

3. Hollywood & Vine

Next up, 359 reviewers on Yelp rated Hollywood & Vine at 3.3 out of 5.

One Yelp reviewer mentioned, “Overpriced food branded as a character dining experience lol

$55 plus tax and tip for adults and there’s no buffet so you have to select from pre-selected options. I made the mistake of ordering the beef tenderloin, it comes with mashed potatoes and green beans. The beef was flavorless chewy and tasted like a pure cow flavor. The green beans were salty and the only good thing was the mashed potatoes. The salad appetizer was flavorless and overly dressed it weighed the salad down. I opted for the creme brulee which was fine and huge except I couldn’t eat it as I was full. Should have opted for the salmon. The kids meal chicken tenders were tastier than my beef entree.

The characters are a cute experience and so was the AC. We saw Goofy and Minnie and Mickey and took pics with all of them. Other than that I don’t see a reason to dine here if you’re into food like me. Overpriced and lackluster is the best way to sum up the experience.”

Hollywood & Vine

Another reviewer mentioned, “Sigh. I had high hopes when I saw a turkey dinner on the menu. Three of us ordered it. My daughter liked it because it reminded her of the cafeteria Thanksgiving lunch they get. It truly felt like the cross between a TV dinner and school cafeteria food. Your meal comes with a salad. Everything is so bland. I did enjoy the bread stuffing. Cranberry sauce was not good. Green beans were Al dente and seemed fresh. Dinner rolls are the same that you’d buy at any grocery store. It’s also prix fixe and the lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu.

Desserts: I got crème brûlée and it was ok. My husband got the Apple pie and our daughter the s’mores pie. Both were disappointed. It’s basically a deconstructed pie so don’t think crust. Think two cookies with filling in between.

The best part was that it was a character lunch. We wouldn’t go back.”

4. Backlot Express

Next up, 172 reviewers on Yelp rated Backlot Express at 3.4 out of 5.

One reviewer shared, “We chose to eat here because we wanted a quick bite to eat in between activities at the park. I have Celiac Disease and my boyfriend has dairy and wheat allergies so the attention they pay to allergies is vital to our wellbeing when eating anywhere. They have staff that were able to accommodate our allergies and neither of us got sick. The fries are gluten-free (designated fryer). We also enjoyed the free refills on soft drinks at this restaurant- while I believe that the pricing of the items should result in fountain drinks coming with refills, that is not often the case anymore at theme parks.

The reason I am only giving three stars in this review is because the burgers weren’t very good. They reminded us of something you would get at a traditional high school cafeteria (but not priced the same). I don’t know if it was partially the gluten-free buns but we were underwhelmed by the quality. I thought the fries were okay but nothing special. Food was served hot.

Backlot Express

Another mentioned, “Decent quick service spot at Hollywood Studios! The burgers were very average – the burger patties were very thin, but not inedible. Luckily, it came with plenty of fries which filled me up. For drinks, I ordered the margarita which was surprisingly very good – strong but not TOO strong.

Shoutout to the lovely cast member who “pixie dusted” us with a free Wookiee Cookie! It was huge, easy to share with a few people and so rich. One of my favorite desserts of the trip for sure!”

5. PizzeRizzo

Next up, 122 reviewers on Yelp rated PizzeRizzo at 3.4 out of 5.

One Yelp reviewer, “Warning: the full sized pizzas are basically 7″ pre frozen pizzas with a large crust. To picture this, the full pepperoni pizza will have 4 slices of pepperoni on it, and will appear relatively full. For the price, despite it it coming with a cup of Caesar salad, I’d say it’s still not worth the ~$12 you have to pay for each one. The cannoli was good and fairly authentic though perhaps a touch too bitter from the addition of the ribs of some citrus I believe.

Seating is plentiful and the indoors is very well air conditioned. Restrooms and clean. In our case, service was unfriendly but I think that was a specific employee and the only one we have met in a Disney uniform who was not smiling and acting happy. Maybe a bit of fresh air?”


Another shared, “Okay, yes, the pizza here is pretty terrible. It’s frozen mini pizzas you can get from the grocery store. But the meatball sub was actually pretty legit! It’s a fairly good price for the amount of food you are getting (huge meatballs). Side Cesar salad was “meh”; fine but nothing amazing.

Tons of seating up stairs (a great AC break). If you are a Muppet’s Fan, this place IS pretty stinkin’ cute. Honestly I WOULD eat there again…..and just skip the pizza.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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  1. The curated reviews from yelp for Hollywood & Vine does not seem current. It is a character buffet for all three meals. We went for lunch December 2023 and enjoyed the food so much, went again for lunch May 2024. Both times, it was for the Dining Package. We’ve also been to Sci-Fi, Mama Melrose, and 50’s Prime Time for the Dining Package. Among these, we have found the food best at Hollywood & Vine. Thus, we have gone there twice now. For May 2024, we also went to Crystal Palace. The food at Hollywood & Vine was much better than at Crystal Palace.