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6.5 / 10

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Reviewed by KatelynnW Review Date: 03/08/2021

Rating: (7)

This is a great starter coaster for children. The cast members here are wonderful. My niece was afraid to go on at first, and when we loaded our cars, she started crying. The wonderful cast member came over and asked if she wanted him to slow it down. Of course, my niece said yes, and the cast member put "brakes" on the wheels and slowed down the ride. After this, my niece calmed down and told us how brave she was after. If you're taller, you may not be able to fit, but this ride is fun for adults too.


Great starter coaster Great for adult, teens and children


Rollercoaster May not fit taller guests
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Reviewed by RogueOneRobots Review Date: 03/22/2020

Rating: (6)
Not Recommended

Tiny coaster that lasts less than one minute. Only kids and very tiny adults can fit in it. Only worth the wait if it is walk on.


Cute, feels faster than it looks


Less than one minute long, the tiniest seats of any ride in the parks
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