FINALLY! A Popular Disneyland Hotel Spot Reopens After Months-Long Closure

Breakfast is back in business at the Disneyland Hotel.

Disneyland Hotel

After spending several months closed for maintenance and refurbishment, one of our favorite locations at the Disneyland Hotel reopened this week, and IT COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED SOONER.

The Coffee House — located in the Disneyland Hotel’s courtyard area near Goofy’s kitchen — serves “many of your favorite caffeinated treats. Fresh fruit, cereals, parfaits and palate-pleasing pastries—including croissants, cookies, muffins and more—are also available.” The stop has long been a favorite for those wanting to grab a coffee or snack on the go while heading to either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure.

The Coffee House closed for a brief renovation in April. However, it reopened on June 27th to the relief of early morning Disneyland guests!

The Coffee House

Disney took to Instagram to announce the reopening on the DisneyEats account with the caption, “Coffee House is baaack! ☕️ Starting today, Coffee House at Disneyland Hotel is open with its new menu filled with specialty coffees and an assortment of tasty bites. 😋 #DisneyEats #DisneyLand”

The accompanies the post with a litany of photos of menu items including pastries…

@DisneyEats Instagram


@DisneyEats Instagram

… sandwiches…

@DisneyEats Instagram


@DisneyEats Instagram


@DisneyEats Instagram

…and desserts.

@DisneyEats Instagram

The reopened Coffee House strengthens the dining offerings of the Disneyland Hotel, which has one of the most interesting stories in Disney company history. While it is the first hotel to ever officially bear the Disney name — opening just months after Disneyland — it wasn’t actually owned or controlled by Disney until the mid-1980s.

The original Disneyland Hotel – Disney

See, when Disneyland was near completion, Walt Disney and Co. didn’t have enough of a budget to open a hotel, so Walt approached his friend Jack Wrather with an offer to allow Wrather to own and operate the hotel using the Disneyland name. For the first three decades of the hotel’s existence, Wrather’s corporation controlled the property, despite efforts from Disney to acquire it following Walt’s passing. Eventually, Disney just bought Wrather’s company including the hotel following Wrather’s own passing.

Over the nearly four decades that Disney has owned the hotel, they’ve renovated and refurbished it countless times, to the point that the property would likely be unrecognizable to those who only stayed there within its first decade or two of operation.

Disneyland Hotel

The return of the Coffee House to the Disneyland Hotel is a welcome one for Disneyland Hotel guests, especially on the verge of the summer season at the Happiest Place on Earth. Stay tuned to AllEars for further Disneyland coverage.

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  1. I love your content! For those of us that have never been to Disney World, it would be so helpful to have a video or post about the Haunted Mansion virtual cue at Disneyland, when it comes out. I’m going in September and am baffled by the whole concept. Thanks for all you do!

  2. My wife and I had our honeymoon there in Feb. 1975. We are planning to try and come back for our 50th anniversary Next year.