A Peculiar Disney World Hotel BATHROOM Trend Is Picking Up Steam — Are You Joining In?

Alright, it is time to get a bit more personal today, because we are talking about a pretty private spot: the bathroom.

A bathroom trend is picking up steam!

If you have been to Disney World before, you likely have your favorite bathroom (we are looking at you, American Adventure and Norway bathrooms, you both are wonderful). However, there is a peculiar trend happening in Disney World Hotel bathrooms and we need to tell you about it.

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We recently posted an article about things Disney World Hotel Bathrooms need, and we discovered that there is a trend going on! We mentioned that we wished there was better toilet paper in Disney World Hotel Bathrooms. The toilet paper is super thin and flimsy, and just not a great experience when you are using the bathroom.

We are talking about you!

Well, we found out that many of our readers bring their own toilet paper. We think that is such a great idea, and we are adding it to our packing list already! Terri agreed that the toilet paper needs to be replaced in the parks and resorts, saying, “the toilet paper in the parks comes off in tiny pieces because the paper cannot pull the roll it is so flimsy! We bring our own to the Resort.” Jenny said that her “sister goes and buys a small pack of decent toilet paper when she arrives in Orlando now.”

No more flimsy toilet paper

We think this is such a great solution to a Disney World Hotel problem. We also found “The Restroom Kit” which provides a portable essentials kit for the bathroom. This kit includes one yard of toilet paper, a toilet seat cover, a tush wipe, and a hand wipe. All of the essentials to ensure your bathroom trip in Disney World is as comfortable as possible.


Get this bathroom kit now!

This kit can be easily packed in your suitcase or in a park bag. Although Janet did have a warning if you are planning on bringing your own toilet paper. Make sure to “take it off the spindle when it gets low or Mousekeeping replaces it with their crappy stuff.”

Don’t forget to take the roll off when it gets low.

We are already packing our toilet paper for our next Disney World trip and making sure we hide it when it gets low, so we don’t lose it. Thanks to all our readers for chiming in and letting us know about this Disney World Hotel hack! Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney World trends that may make your next trip even better!

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Do you bring your own toilet paper to Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “A Peculiar Disney World Hotel BATHROOM Trend Is Picking Up Steam — Are You Joining In?”

  1. My theory on this is that WDW has to use toilet paper that will be the least likely to cause a clog. I know folks love their soft triple ply, but use too much and you have a BIG ISSUE. Imagine the implications with as many bathrooms as WDW has…