FULL TOUR of the CHEAPEST Hotel in Disney World

When you’re choosing to stay on Disney World property, you have a lot of options.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

If you’re trying really hard not to completely destroy your wallet, you may choose to stay at one of Disney World’s cheapest hotels, which are Value Resorts. The absolute cheapest Disney World hotel is Disney’s All-Star Movies, but what will a few hundred dollars a night get you? 

As you walk in the room, you’ll notice a table and chairs, mini kitchen set up, one bed, and the door to the bathroom.

Welcome to your room!

Behind you, you can find the fire safety placard on the door.

Entrance Door

Immediately to the right of the door, you’ll find the only window in the room, which looks out on the outside walkway. You can pull your privacy curtain if you’d still like some sunlight in, or pull your blackout curtain, as well.


Next to that, you’ll find the mini kitchen. While the top two shelves are open for storage, the middle is where you’ll find your icebox and coffee maker, with your mini fridge at the very bottom.

Mini kitchenette

And the drawer has all the coffee supplies you need!

Coffee supplies

To the right of that, there’s a trashcan/recycling bin and the TV stand.


Speaking of TV stand, not only will you find a TV mounted on the wall…

TV Stand

…but the drawers on the right hand side open up for you to fill with anything you need.

Lots of space in here!

The left side of the tv stand is where you’ll find your in room safe, as well as extra pillows.

Safe and pillows

Continuing to the right, you’ll find handy dandy hooks to hang whatever you need to — jackets, lanyards, you name it!

Hooks on the wall

And that brings us to the bathroom! It has a sliding door that can be opened or closed for more privacy.


Immediately to your right in the bathroom is a closet where you can hang up clothing items.

Great for hanging up outfits!

In front of you is the vanity, which has plenty of storage space for your personal items.

So much space!

You’ll find multiple towels available for all your needs.

You will never be short on towels

Underneath the vanity you’ll find additional appliances like tissues, a hairdryer, and an iron.

If you need them!

On the left side of the bathroom is the commode room, which does have another door that can be locked shut.

Commode Room

The commode itself is on the right side of the room with towels hanging above it.


Directly in front of you is the bathtub/shower.


We love the showerhead here…

Very nice showerhead!

…as well as those Disney hair care and body wash products!

We love these products!

On the left side of the commode room, you’ll find more towels.

Yay for more towels!

Continuing throughout the room (which if we’re facing away from the bathroom will be on our right), we have the full size bed.

We love this bed!

This can comfortably sleep two guests…

Great for resting after a long park day

…and we love the headboard art above it!

So cute!

To the left of the bed, you’ll find a bedside table with the resort phone.

Resort Phone

To the left of that, you’ll find the table and chairs.

Table and Chairs

But if you’re sleeping 4 guests, this is the murphy bed too! All you have to do is remove the chairs, pull it down, and the table becomes the base for another full-size bed.

It’s like magic!

The headboard art above this one is Huey, Dewey, and Louie, dreaming of sports stardom!

More art!

To the left of the murphy bed is where you’ll find a bedside table complete with Hey, Disney!, as well as a pamphlet explaining what the digital assistant is. Don’t worry, if you don’t want it in the room, you can just unplug it!

Hey, Disney!

And that’s the room! It’s a little tight for 4 guests, but you can certainly make it work, especially for only around $50 a night split between 4 people.

It’s a pretty good room!

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