5 Unsettling Disney Rides That Made Me Check My Own Pulse

Disney World is filled with magic. It’s a place for some lighthearted fun!

Magic Kingdom

But, have you ever ridden an attraction at Disney World and were creeped out or scared of something? Was something a little too realistic? While Disney World is a family-friendly theme park, there are times when we get a little creeped out. Even though we know something is about to happen on a ride, or we expect to see a creepy Easter egg, we find ourselves checking our own pulse occasionally.

While these rides are not necessarily supposed to be thrill rides, they still make us jump from time to time!

Dummy at Tower of Terror

You just were brave enough to ride The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and you even survived the Twilight Zone, when all of a sudden you get one last spook as you are exiting. While you leave your elevator you might notice something creepy in the basement.

Tower of Terror

There is a dummy puppet in the basement, which is a nod to one of the Twilight Zone episodes titled Caesar and Me. While this is a super cool Easter egg, we still get creeped out by Caesar the dummy. 

Ceasar the Ventriloquist Dummy

Cast Members say if you do not greet Caesar or say goodnight to him, he will cause mischief around the Tower of Terror. So the next time you exit Tower of Terror make sure to wish him a good day!

Exit of Tower of Terror

Puff of Air in Journey Into Imagination With Figment

You might think the entire ride of Journey Into Imagination With Figment is creepy, but come on! Figment is trying to teach you about using your imagination! However, there are still two parts of the ride that we always find ourselves bracing for.

Imagination Pavilion

The first is when we get to tour the Smell Lab. Figment helps out here and surprises us with the not-so-delightful smell of skunk. Even if it does not smell that bad, we still find ourselves nervous about when the smell will start and hold our breath!

Can you smell this photo?

The second time we brace ourselves is right before the attraction ends. Your tour vehicle pulls up in front of some screens where Dr. Nigel Channing agrees with Figment that imagination is best when it is set free! Now you may know what is coming next, but still, your heart might skip a beat when the air blasts at you! We brace ourselves each time and yet the air still catches us off guard!

Can you feel the blast of air?

Haunted Mansion Coffin

While you know you are entering a swinging wake, there are still a few parts of the Haunted Mansion that creep us out!

The Haunted Mansion

Specifically, the man in the coffin always seems a little too realistic. Between him trying to escape his coffin and saying “Get me out of here,” it makes us want to get out of that scene! 

Haunted Mansion

Good thing he has Lucifer, the raven, to keep him company and hopefully keep him inside of his coffin, so we can enjoy the rest of the attraction!

Stay in that coffin!


We love to help out Dr. Seeker and go get that Dino! Sometimes DINOSAUR can be a lot! It is loud, there are lights flashing, and you are getting thrown back and forth. 


When we ride this ride, we sometimes feel like we need to check our pulse because there is so much going on. This ride can really get your heart rate up — you did just get transported 65 million years back in time to the Cretaceous period, and that can take a toll on your body!

Let’s get out of here!

It’s Tough to Be a Bug

Getting to go inside the Tree of Life is so cool, especially when you get to see Flick and all of his pals in It’s Tough to Be a Bug! What is not cool is getting your back stung in the theater!

It’s Tough To Be a Bug

During the show, Hopper orders the hornets to attack and the backs of the chairs in the theater start to poke out. This effect is done to make it seem like you are being stung. Even though we know it is coming, it always makes our heart race!

It’s Tough To Be A Bug

When we do find ourselves on this attraction, we tend to lean forward to avoid getting “stung.”

It’s Tough To Be A Bug

Some of these attractions might not have big drops or loops, but they can still make our hearts race, it is a different type of thrill!

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What ride has something that creeps you out or makes you brace yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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