NEWS: U.S. Government Issues Scam WARNING for Travelers

Vacations aren’t always as pretty and perfect as they seem online. In fact, things go wrong all the time. People run into tricky scams, airlines issue travel delays, and sometimes, the weather just doesn’t cooperate.

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Well, this spring break, it seems like the world is preparing for the worst. Everyone from the city of Miami to the U.S. government is warning people about this busy travel season. Should we be worried?

OK, let’s back up for a second. So, at the beginning of March, the city of Miami Beach posted a clip on Twitter/X. In the video, Miami essentially “breaks up” with spring break. Yep, Miami literally told people NOT to show up for spring break. Yikes.  We’re talking curfews, bag checks, $100 parking (!!!), and restricted beach access.

OK, so Miami is out. But there are plenty of other places to visit for spring break, right? Well, before you book that awesome deal you found online, BEWARE! The U.S. government just issued a warning for spring break travel scams. 


In the warning, the Federal Trade Commission cautions people to be on high alert for common travel scams that happen this time of year. For example, the FTC warns that “dishonest travel package promoters” may try to scam you into paying for a fraudulent trip.

Look out for scams!

The government also warned people not to pay or sign anything until they have specific details about their trip. Do some research! Get copies of everything, and do NOT pay with wire transfers, gift cards, or cryptocurrency. 

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As spring break kicks off, be wary of any calls about “free” vacations or emails for a travel package at a low, low price (with no specific details). The FTC has seen a LOT of spring break and vacation-related scams, so follow the expert advice! In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more.

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Have you ever seen a tricky travel scam? Let us know in the comments!

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