AllEars Readers Shared Their Most Magical Moments with Disney Cast Members!

The beautiful thing about a trip to Disney World is all the memories you make along the way. But some of our happiest memories are of Disney Cast Members being extraordinary, in that truly Disney way.

Cast Members

We asked our readers on AllEars Facebook to share their most magical moments with Disney Cast Members with us, and they certainly delivered.

Here’s what you shared with us!

Teri shared, “Last October, I tore ligaments in my ankle the day before the WDW Halloween party. The staff at Port Orleans was so great about getting me to urgent care and giving my family and I a ride to MK so I wouldn’t have to wait in the bus line. While I was waiting for my family to ride Mine Train, Cruella spotted me (I was supposed to be her and my Family were puppies) and stopped by at least 5 times to talk. It was so wonderful. After my family got off the ride, she took us to the front of the line and she told the cast member to fill up my trick or treat bag. Love that Disney magic!”


Bonnie shared her own magical moment from Disney World’s reopening. “As soon as I entered MK I was a bit turned around because there were entrances roped off. I started saying how excited I was to come back. A “security guard ” stopped me. I thought I was going the wrong way. He said he had to give me a ticket. When I asked why ( with a shocked face), he said I was too happy. 😄 The ticket said excessive happiness. It made my day. I laminated the ticket.”

Boo To You Character Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom

Liz shared a comical story about Ariel. “When we were last in Magic Kingdom in 2018, we went to see Ariel in her grotto as she is our daughter’s favourite princess – I must point out that our daughter was 23 at the time. She was wearing her pins and was sporting a rather fine Ursula one which Ariel noticed and took exception to. Ariel proceeded to remove the pin from the lanyard and turned it the other way round so that the only thing visible was the Mickey-shaped back!”


Jacci shared a story that reminds us of just how special Cast Members can be. We went on a three generation trip a couple of years ago. My kids first trip ever! My oldest has Autism, ADHD, and generalized anxiety disorder. My mom and I planned everything food wise to ensure no matter where we went there was something for everyone. First day there, we’d been up almost 24 hours, and my son was being such a trooper especially given we’d been up for so long. The first restaurant we ate at was Trex, we had looked at and it we thought he’d be ok, it had food he’d eat and we figured he’d think the dinosaurs were cool. Well, within minutes of sitting down he had major sensory overload…”

“There were 8 of us total, so I told everyone you guys stay, I am going to take him to find something else. We start walking through Disney Springs, he’s, crying , his anxiety is through the roof, and this sweet cast member stopped us. She asked if she could help with anything and I explained what had happened and that I couldn’t find a place that we could get food he’d eat at. So she invites us in to a store, gives us a place to sit, calls in 3 other CMs to help and they called every restaurant they could to find a place we could go. They got us a table at a sit down restaurant, got us over there quickly and we got seated right away. My son still talks about the meal we had together, and that his first day at Disney showed him just how much everyone there cares.”

Disney Springs

Erika told us a funny, albeit magical, story. “Here’s a magical funny moment. My husband and I were at MK on October 1, last year. A lovely cast member at the Peoplemover asked us if we wanted birthday buttons that said, “Happy Birthday Magic Kingdom” We were so excited and put them right on our shirts.
We quickly put them on and then everyone after that wished us a happy birthday. It was then a running joke. We go onto our photopass later in the trip and realize one of the rides had sent us a birthday greeting! It was the merry un-birthday vacation”


Lasha shared, “My fiancé and I were at the Polynesian having dinner for my birthday late at night. We had been at Hollywood Studios that day and it had been raining, so we looked exhausted and probably pretty pathetic from the after effects of getting soaked. It was after 10 pm, so transportation was scarce, but we were trying to get back to Pop Century. A Disney Springs bus pulled up and we figured it would take an hour or so to get home due to having to transfer at Springs. The bus pulled up and we asked where he was going, just to verify (because his sign was off). He asked us where we were trying to go, we told him, and he told us “I got ya”. As we sat on the bus, we realized that he was not going to Disney Springs. He took us the entire way to Pop Century and changed the message board to “Magical Moment”. As a former cast member, I had given lots of magical moments, but never received one. It was the perfect end to a long birthday.”

Walt Disney World Bus at Animal Kingdom Lodge — Kidani Village

Ashley told us all about her magical surprise photo session. “Last week, my husband and I went to Magic Kingdom in our Pirate garb. We stopped in adventureland to get a picture. Afterwards, our photopass photographer, Peter from Westbrook, ME, came trotting up to us and asked if we had anywhere we needed to be. When we said no, he asked if we wanted to take some more pictures because he had no one in his line and he wanted to “play.” He ended up spending the next half-hour taking us around adventureland and giving us a private photo session. It was amazing.”

Pirates of the Caribbean

Dona told us about one Cast Member who went above and beyond. “Many years ago we were on a boat to Fort Wilderness. Someone knocked my son’s hat off into the water. He had it for a few years so we were upset. The cast members on the boat heard about this and radioed the next boat coming. As we were getting off the boat they told us to wait for the next boat to come in. As the next boat we saw the captain of the boat wearing the soaking wet hat.”

Ferry Boat to Magic Kingdom

These stories are not that unusual: almost everyone who has visited a Disney theme park has at least one magical anecdote to share about interactions with Cast Members. So to all the Cast Members out there, thank you for making our Disney moments so magical

We’re sharing an open letter to Disney World’s Cast Members!

We’d love to hear about any magical moments you’ve had with Cast Members! Let us know all about those in the comments.

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