Tour the NEW Rooms at the Billion Dollar Hotel That Just Opened Near Disney World

We had the opportunity to get a first look at the brand-new Evermore Resort in Orlando!

Gorgeous views of Evermore Bay!

This resort has so much to offer for guests. Evermore has been building and developing this resort for the last five years and has invested a billion dollars. We were really impressed with this resort and are excited to share a peek!

We are so excited to take you with us to check out what this new resort has to offer! Let’s dive in.

Lush landscaping and beautiful buildings!

Resort Overview

Evermore Resorts has a lot of options for accommodations. You can rent houses that have 5-11 bedrooms, flats with four bedrooms, villas with two or four bedrooms, or a hotel room at the Conrad Orlando.

In addition to a large selection of accommodations, there is so much to do at the resort. Evermore Bay is one of the highlights, which includes areas for swimming, watercraft, and plenty of areas to lounge by the water.

There are 12 different options for dining at Evermore Resort and even an “Evermore to Your Door” option that will bring chefs into your home to cook for you! The “Evermore to Your Door” also provides the option to have staff members stock your fridge for you, bring catered meals to your house, or drop off pre-made meals that just need to be reheated! You can even have a private bartender come to your home and prepare craft cocktails for you!

This is just a brief overview of the resort, and there is so much to show you, so let’s get started!

Evermore Bay

Our favorite part of the resort was the amenities available to guests! First off is the main attraction: Evermore Bay. Evermore Bay is a 20-acre complex filled with 17 million gallons of chlorinated water and 2/3 miles of waterfront space. There is a plethora of seating options, and for an additional fee, guests can also rent a cabana.

Great outdoor seating areas!

There are areas for swimming, as well as lots of space to take advantage of watercraft rentals. The watercraft rentals are included in your stay! You are able to rent kayaks and paddleboards to enjoy the crystal-clear water and stunning views.

You can even stop by a VW beach bar!

There are complimentary life vests, beach toys, sports equipment, floats, and lockers as well! While you are enjoying the beach, you can also grab your favorite drink from one of their bars!

What a great view!

Evermore Bay is also home to a 4-person side-by-side waterslide, Blue Hole rope swing, and so many activities! Evermore Resort offers live music, fitness classes, movies on the beach, tours, crafts, and more!

The Landing

Located right off of Evermore Bay is The Landing. The Landing is the main building at Evermore Resort and houses Guest Services, the Twinview Restaurant, The Food Hall, and banquet hall.

The Landing

There is even more outdoor seating located at The Landing! You can grab a snack and enjoy the views, or simply grab a seat and catch up on reading.

Outdoor Seating Areas at The Landing

Our first stop is the banquet hall. This is Evermore Resort’s event space. It is available for rental for events and weddings.

Banquet Hall

Then we stopped by the Twinview Restaurant. The restaurant has a modern Florida menu that is constantly rotating with new options. Twinview serves three meals and day and has amazing views of Evermore Bay! Guests can make reservations through Open Table, and even non-resort guests can dine here with a reservation!

Twinview Restaurant

The Food Hall is another great food option at Evermore Resort. It is a food court layout with four different options and lots of seating! The restaurants here are Props Pizza, Craft Burgers, Thats a Wrap!, and Sandhill Provisions (grab-n-go options, coffee, pastries, prepared meals).

The Food Hall

There is even more seating available for The Food Hall upstairs!

Upstairs seating at The Food Hall

Additionally, Evermore Resort has two different fitness centers. One of them is located in The Landing, and the other is in the Villas. The fitness centers have plenty of equipment (The Villas fitness center also has Peloton machines!). Evermore Resorts hosts daily fitness classes, and they also have a large library of on-demand fitness classes that can be done in the gym or in your room.

Fitness Center at The Landing

Now that we have gone over a resort overview and some of the amenities available during your stay, let’s get to the rooms! While there is so much to do on property, you probably are going to have a hard time leaving the room after you see what’s inside their rentals!

9-Bedroom Rental Home

We are starting off with the 9-bedroom home! This home can sleep up to 26 people and has three seating areas, a kitchen, a dining area, and a private saltwater pool. The seating areas also have lots of entertainment options with arcade games, a ping-pong table, and shuffleboard.

Let’s check out the 9-bedroom home!

The private saltwater pool is gorgeous and is attached to a large outdoor area. There are lots of seats to bathe in the sun, and the pool is crystal-clear and ready to be enjoyed.

Private salt-water pool

Inside, the house has three large seating areas. The first one is situated on the first floor and is attached to the dining and kitchen areas. There is a TV and lots of space on the sofa!

Large seating and dining area

The dining area is also a great size and can comfortably fit ten people at each table — even more if you are okay with squeezing in! There are two dining tables that overlook the outdoor area.

Lots of room at the tables!

Next is the kitchen! The kitchen has lots of space and is stocked with all your kitchen essentials. This home also has two different fridges, ample counter space, and top-of-the-line appliances, so you will be dining in style.

Huge kitchen with all of your kitchen essentials!

While we are exploring the kitchen, we also wanted to mention a really great feature of all the rentals. Each unit also comes with a washer & dryer! These can be lifesavers and it is always great to be able to get some fresh clothes.

Washers and dryers are in all of their rentals!

This house has nine bedrooms in total, and each bedroom has its own bathroom! The bedrooms are all slightly different, and some have more than one bed, however, they are all spacious!

Downstairs Bedroom

Here is a peek into the closets in the bedrooms. It’s got plenty of good organization space, and we think they have a good amount of space for your luggage.

Closet Space in Bedrooms

We were impressed with the bathrooms! Again, each bathroom is slightly different, but each one felt plenty large and had lots of counter and storage space. Some bathrooms also had a tub, but not every bathroom. The design feels sleek and well-thought-out, and you are also provided with bathroom essentials.

Huge bathroom with a sleek design!

We are continuing our tour with some more bedrooms and bathrooms! There are nine in this house, but we won’t bore you with a picture of every single room!

Another bedroom!

While this bathroom is smaller than the first, there is still lots of space! This bathroom only had a shower in it, but it did have two sinks and a separate toilet. There was still plenty of space not to feel squeezed in!

And another bathroom!

Some bedrooms had more than one bed in them.

Even more bedrooms!

There was even a bunk-bed room on the third floor! We think the kiddos would love hanging out in here and enjoying the seating area right outside their room.

Bunk beds!

Moving on from the bedrooms and onto the living spaces! The homes are three stories tall, and there is a seating area on each floor. The first-floor seating area is open to the kitchen and dining area. The second-floor seating area has some great space, a TV, and a ping-pong table.

Second floor seating area

Heading upstairs, the third-floor seating area also has lots of space! There is a sofa, TV, table & chairs and a really great entertainment addition!

Third floor seating area

Arcade games! We thought these were a fun addition to the top level and something we think kids would love!

Complete with arcade games!

The third floor also houses a little nook with shuffleboard!

And a shuffle board table!

The 9-bedroom rental homes start at $2,477 per night. We are wrapping up our tour of the 9-bedroom house, but we have lots more to cover!

11-Bedroom Rental Home

Next up is a slightly larger house. This house can accommodate 32 people. It is also three stories tall with a private saltwater pool, three seating areas, and a bathroom for each bedroom.  There is a washer and dryer, a ping-pong table, and a hammock. The bedrooms and bathrooms are very similar to the 9-bedroom home (except that there are two additional!). However, there is something special that we wanted to highlight that is unique to the 11-bedroom rental.

Second floor seating area in 11 bedroom!

We were so excited seeing this in the house and we can just imagine the kids talking about this feature for a long time! In addition to all of the other great features, this house has A SLIDE! The slide goes from the third to the second floor, and while not a necessary feature, it is definitely a unique one!

There is even a slide!

The 11-bedroom rental homes start at $2,792 per night.

4-Bedroom Flat

Next up, we are taking you on a quick tour of one of the 4-bedroom flats. The flats are a great option if you are traveling with fewer people. The 4-bedroom flat sleeps 11 people. One of our favorite parts of the flat was the gorgeous view! In this unit, the living room overlooks Evermore Bay.

4-bedroom flat seating area

The landscaping and water are all beautiful! The flat has a good-sized balcony so you can enjoy this view whenever you want!

An amazing view from the balcony!

The flat also boasts a great kitchen. It is very similar to the kitchen in the houses, just on a slightly smaller scale. There is still plenty of counter space and storage space, and it is stocked with kitchen essentials.

And another spacious kitchen!

The flat has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and they are all spacious! Some of the bedrooms even overlooked Evermore Bay as well!

One of the four bedrooms

Each bedroom has its own attached bathroom, and they are all well-designed with plenty of space to get ready for the day! The flats also have a washer and dryer in-unit.

And one of the bathrooms!

The flat we toured was in a larger building that was five stories tall. There are elevators in the building, and it has more of an apartment/hotel feel. The flats start at $611 per night.

More Resort Information

The Evermore Resort does provide transportation within the resort. You can hop on a trolley to easily move around the property. However, they do not offer any transportation to locations outside the resort. You will need to rely on driving/Uber/etc. in order to get to the theme parks.

Golf course views!

Most of the resort is exclusive to resort guests only, but there are a few activities that non-resort guests can take advantage of! Non-resort guests can dine at the Twinview restaurant for dinner with a reservation (reservations can be made through Open Table), dine at any of the Conrad Orlando restaurants, and use the Conrad Orlando’s spa facilities.

The resort is so beautiful!

Unfortunately, at this time, non-resort guests are not able to purchase day passes to enjoy any other amenities at the resort. You can enjoy Evermore Bay from the Twinview Restaurant, but that area is for resort guests only.

Thanks for joining us on our Evermore Resort tour!

Overall, we thought the amenities and accommodations were gorgeous at Evermore Resort! The staff was incredible, and there was so much to do and take advantage of at the resort. You would need to organize your own transportation to the parks, but the location is great for an easy trip to the parks.

Stay tuned for AllEars for planning tips for your next Orlando vacation!

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Would you want to stay at the Evermore Resort? Let us know in the comments!

Disclosure: We were invited by Evermore Resort to attend the Evermore Home Reveal Media Event. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own.

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  1. Lots of thought went into this one! A chlorinated lake? Different. Looks like airnib meets corporate assets. Beautiful landscape.

  2. To be fair, the watercraft rentals are not ‘included in your stay’. Conrad charges a $50/day ‘resort fee’ that gets you 1 hour of paddleboard and kayak. Honestly, this place to me looks like a nickel and dime, extremely overpriced corporate resort and for the money, I can’t see ever choosing it over the Four Seasons, Floridian, or a number of other on-site options.