Experts Agree This Is the Worst Thing You Can Do on Your Disney World Vacation

Everyone wants to have the “perfect” Disney World vacation, right?

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Perfect can look different depending on who you are, but it usually doesn’t involve spending a large amount of money when it’s not needed. We’re always looking for new deals and discounts to use on your vacation, but there’s one expensive choice that experts agree is the WORST thing you can do on your trip.

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When you’re on vacation it’s normal to crave luxuriousness, and there are certainly places you can get that in Disney World! However, according to a luxury travel agent, there’s one big regret that travelers often make — splurging on hotels.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Yahoo! interviewed Kenneth Scroggins, a luxury travel expert and agent who said luxury accommodations don’t tend to work out as hoped. Scroggins pointed out that “Clients end up paying for exclusivity rather than experiences that add value to their vacation.”

This is because of the “misalignment between expectations of ‘luxury’ and what truly enhances their travel experience”, according to Scroggins.


Many Disney World hotels could fall into this idea. Take, for example, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. Rooms here start at around $750 per night but the villas get up into the thousands for just one night.

Grand Floridian Resort

Yes, you get certain perks like the proximity to Magic Kingdom and Extended Evening Hours (which are awesome, we can’t lie).  However, if you saved the money by staying somewhere else, you could splurge on that Disney restaurant you’ve always wanted to try or even add days onto your vacation. Those choices might make this trip more meaningful than staying at a fancy resort.

Extended Evening Hours at Animal Kingdom

You can still stay in a nice hotel without breaking the bank, though. The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin is owned by Marriott and therefore you can use your points to book rooms there. Plus, it’s close to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios — talk about a steal!


There are also plenty of non-Disney-owned hotels that cost less around Disney Springs. Some of them even have perks like free transportation and Early Theme Park Entry! Additionally, Disney is constantly running deals on its hotel rooms.

Drury Plaza Hotel

Let’s face it — most people’s focus is being in the parks and the hotel room is just a place to rest for the night. If the parks are your focus but you like luxury, consider making a pros and cons list to decide what would make your Disney trip better!

Still, people continue to pay the big bucks for expensive hotels like the Grand Floridian or Disney’s Riviera Resort on their Disney vacations. Scroggins suggested five main reasons travelers continue to book luxury hotels — comfort & amenities, personalized service, exclusivity, status & prestige, and unique experiences. At the end of the day, it’s up to you and your preferences.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

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