Well, I’ll Admit It. These People Look Way Better Than I Do in a Theme Park.

It’s Dapper Day weekend in Disney World!

The Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

So what does that mean? Well, Dapper Day is when guests come to Disney World dressed in their vintage finest clothes (in other words, they get “dapper”). Now, we’ve been known to wear a Disneybound from time to time, but some folks take the Dapper Day theme and run with it, like those we saw today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

First off, we saw a lot of outfits inspired by Jane (as in Tarzan). Now, we all know that Disney artists drew inspiration for THEIR version of the Jane character from the very real Jane Goodall, a primatologist and anthropologist and the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Well, Goodall has a long history working with Disney’s Conservation Fund and has been to Animal Kingdom many times, so it’s SO appropriate we saw lots of Jane Disneybounds today, like this (thanks to @mari_0720 and @joey_the_savage_beast for letting us take their photo). They are too cute!

Love the nods to Jane!

Here’s another Jane-inspired look, along with a vibrant dress that works so perfectly in Animal Kingdom. These two are from @disneybounddresses — they make…can you guess?…Disneybound dresses for people! How cool is that? (Is the other Disneybound here Kevin? That’s my guess, but let me know!)

Love all these colors

This gorgeous pair features animal prints (LOVE IT) in honor of Animal Kingdom and another nod to Jane. These yellows pop! Thanks to @Bibbidibobbidibettie for the photo!


These three (@thehepburnmovement) also turned it UP with their Dapper Day outfits. Again, we saw a lot of beautiful colors in Animal Kingdom.

SO dapper

We also saw outfits channeling the Christmas spirit and we LOVE it. These four guests ( @modern.merida, @trishthewitch, @kati_kaboodle, and @itsbackpackguy) were BRINGING it.


Vintage dresses never looked better, and yeah, we’re feeling a little underdressed in our sweatshirt and shorts, but whatever. Thanks to @mainstreetkat and @gillian96 for letting us get this photo.

SO pretty

Thanks to @joannexzamora and friends, we’ve got even more splashes of color and some FULL-ON headdresses!! Well done!

Dapper Day is so fun

We love seeing all the outfits people come up with for Dapper Day, and we’re looking forward to next year’s Spring Event. If you’re looking to up your Disney style factor, though, you can do that now by visiting AllEars Style

Check back with AllEars again soon!

That’s It. We Found the BEST Dapper Day Outfits at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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Have you ever been to Dapper Day? Let us know what you wore in the comments!

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One Reply to “Well, I’ll Admit It. These People Look Way Better Than I Do in a Theme Park.”

  1. I now do Dapper Day(s) each Fall and Spring just about every year. The late Fall event, usually the last weekend in Nov. or first weekend in Dec. has wonderful Christmas flair. I expect the Spring event the last weekend this upcoming April 2024 to be full of blooms and butterflies.