Come With Us To Try 4 NEW Menu Items at Homecomin’ in Disney World!

Listen, there are LOTS of restaurants we love to eat at around Disney Springs, but one of our favorites is Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’.


There’s just something about their menu full of Southern comfort food done beautifully that fills us with joy. We heard there were new menu items available, so of course we had to go check them out!

The first thing we had to try was their new Hummingbird Cocktail for $17. This was absolutely divine with its mix of banana cream rum, vanilla bean rum, muddled pineapple, blueberry, and pineapple purée with a hummingbird cake pop on top.

Hummingbird Cocktail

It was perfectly sweet and smooth and didn’t taste like alcohol at all. It reminded us of literal cake with jam in between the layers. If you’re not a fan of sweet/dessert drinks, or you don’t like bananas, it may not be for you, but if you’re willing, we highly recommend giving it a try.


Our first food item was the Strawberry Fields Salad for $21. This was INCREDIBLE! The burrata was so melty and creamy, and the balsamic was so sweet but added a nice acidity.

Strawberry Fields Salad

The fruit was fresh and juicy and balanced well with the acidic tomatoes. The crispy prosciutto was salty and added a great textural element. Overall, it was light and bright and you can add protein to it if you’d like to make it a heartier meal!

We are obsessed!

We also tried Art’s Hot Chicken Sandwich for $21, and the first word that comes to mind is HEFTY! We couldn’t even pick it up so we ate it with a fork, but that didn’t change the fact that it’s delicious.

Art’s Hot Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is “Disney hot,” so it’s not really spicy. There was a bit of heat in the back of our throats, but the acidity from the crispy slaw and the sweetness of the pickles cut it down. We think this sandwich is easily shareable, but if you love chicken sandwiches with a bit of a kick, this is a great choice.


Lastly, we grabbed the new Baby Back Ribs for $34, which was a LOT of food! The rib meat fell off the bone and were so juicy and tender, and the sauce was an incredible balance of sweet and savory.

Baby Back Ribs

The fries it came with were good and the broccoli salad surprised us! The broccoli was cooked just enough so it wasn’t too hard but it was still crunchy. The mayo was light and made for a good addition to the salad, and the bacon was a great salty addition.

Broccoli Salad side

All of these additions are items we absolutely recommend, so the next time you’re in Disney Springs, be sure to make time to stop by and sit down for a meal.

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What’s your favorite thing to get at Homecomin’? Tell us in the comments!

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