12 Celebrities and the Disney Characters They Totally Look Like

Celebrities — they’re just like us…sort of. 😂

Minnie showing off her gorgeous dress

Okay, so maybe you’re not walking a red carpet every weekend, rocking a thousand dollar or million dollar look, and maybe you don’t have Pedro Pascal on speed dial (we wish) — but there is a way that you can connect with celebrities in a special way — through your outfits! On March 12th, the Oscars took place and the famous people wore all kinds of unique looks to the event, some of which totally give us Disney vibes. Want to see what Disney characters these celebs embodied (and how to rock similar-ish looks for yourself?), THIS is the post for you!

Before we begin, we want to note that all of the photos of the celebrities below were obtained via Vogue. And all of our Disney-inspired looks that you can wear come from AllEars Style!

On our AllEars Style page, you can find all kinds of Disney-themed outfits (which you can filter by park, character, and more). There are wear-to-work looks, park looks, and much more, plus links to the things you’ll need to make those looks happen!

Alright, now let’s dive into those celebrity outfits!

First up we have Nicole Kidman in Armani Prive. Despite this outfit being mostly black, those giant flowers are giving us Queen of Hearts vibes from Alice in Wonderland. We can practically hear the playing cards singing “we’re painting the roses red…” right now.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Couple that with Melissa McCarthy’s red number, and you’ve got 2 celebrities channeling the Queen! We have a feeling she’d be VERY pleased to see celebrities taking on the flowers and red colors theme.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

While the outfit below might not be quite as vibrant as McCarthy’s or as red-carpet-ready as Kidman’s, we think it’s a nice combination of the two! All you need are a few roses of your own and you’d really nail the look.

Next up, we’ve got Salma Hayek Pinault in Gucci in a dress that is totally giving us Jessica Rabbit vibes (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit).

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Sadly, the Jessica Rabbit dress Disney released previously appears to have sold out online, but we did see it in the parks in 2022. If you simply must prove that you’re not bad, you’re just drawn that way, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this one!


The NEW live-action The Little Mermaid film is coming out soon, which might have you seeking a mermaid-inspired look, and this dress that Ana de Armas wore (from Louis Vuitton) made us feel like we traveled under the sea. The details on the bottom of the dress were especially reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail or scales. She was serving up mermaid vibes with a muted color scheme and sophistication.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

This look from AllEars Style doesn’t exactly capture the tones of de Armas’ look, but we like how the skirt here can still give you that mermaid vibe.

Or you can skip the muted tones and less subtle inspiration and go straight for some leggings that have that mermaid look to them — the choice is totally yours!

What if you’re more of a Cinderella person? Well, one look at Kate Hudson’s outfit and we could swear that the Fairy Godmother had made an appearance to make a Cinderella-feeling dress totally covered in magical dust. It’s giving “I have to get to the ball” and also my glass slipper suddenly became my entire look in a great way.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Though the dress in our outfit below plays more into Cinderella’s blue look, the shoes, purse, and makeup have that same all-over sparkly look that Hudson’s dress features.

She may be famous for playing the Scarlet Witch, but Elizabeth Olsen’s outfit (Givenchy and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes) had us feeling like we were in a Black Panther movie thanks to the sleekness and shininess of the design.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Simple, classic, and mainly black, you could create a look that captures that same color tone and vibe with our Black Panther inspiration below (except we’re going for shorts instead of a dress — a little more practical for those park days!).

Calling all Orange Bird fans! Sandra Oh‘s outfit (Giambattista Valli Haute Couture and Briony Raymond jewelry) SCREAMS sunny thoughts with a vibrant orange color covering the entire thing. Plus, can’t you just picture those flowy sleeves as wings?

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

You can rock your own Orange Bird dress (with a more casual style) by checking out the items we’ve linked to in our Orange Bird outfit below!

Get ready to sing your heart out and strike a pose cause Halle Berry is serving up some looks with this outfit and we think the Muses from Hercules would absolutely LOVE it!

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Wearing a white dress to the parks might not be the most ideal move, so instead we’ve got a Muses outfit inspiration that features the talented group in some more colorful shirts/bags.

If you are all about Sleeping Beauty and are especially on team “make it pink!” then you’ll love the outfits worn by Allison Williams (Giambattista Valli Haute Couture and Fred Leighton jewelry)…

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

…and Stephanie Hsu (Valentino). Flowy, full of layers and/or details, and definitely carrying through the pink theme, Flora would be immensely pleased.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

You can “make it pink” with a fun outfit of your own, and even rock some designs in rose gold (one of the OG Disney color trends).

But Sleeping Beauty isn’t the only princess we saw represented. Kerry Condon had a dress in a beautiful yellow color that had us reaching for a book and some cinnamon rolls from Gaston’s Tavern.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Yup, we think Belle herself would be thrilled to have seen a yellow dress on the red carpet. You can wear a Belle look of your own with the yellow dress and other outfit pieces shown below!

Finally, while it’s not a Disney character, we couldn’t help but mention that Sigourney Weaver (who wore Givenchy) had a look that gave us some strong Animal Kingdom vibes.

©Getty Images | Obtained via Vogue

Seems appropriate since she’s a big part of the Avatar film franchise and there is a whole land dedicated to the franchise in Animal Kingdom. Weaver’s look feels a bit more inspired by the animals beyond Pandora — The World of Avatar though, particularly with that print. And you can make a print-inspired look of your own with our inspiration board below.

And there you have it — 12 celebrities, their Oscars 2023 red carpet looks, the Disney character vibes we got from them, and how to create some similar looks of your own! We’re constantly looking for more style inspiration to help you make the perfect Disney outfit, so stay tuned for more. And check out some more style-related stories below!

Which of these celebrity looks is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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