Date Revealed for Important Park Pass Change in Disney World

One aspect of Disney World vacations that hasn’t changed since the parks reopened in 2020 is the use of park pass reservations.

2023 Annual Passholder Magnet

While this is a way for Disney to monitor how many guests are coming in and out of the parks, it makes it difficult for some to enjoy spontaneous trips, especially Annual Passholders.

Disney World previously announced that they would relax park pass reservations for their Annual Passholders, but until today we didn’t know when this would be put into effect. We now know that Disney World Annual Passholders will be able to enter the parks on weekdays without a park pass reservation starting on April 18th, 2023!

Cinderella Castle

This gives those who visit the parks more frequently more of an opportunity to make last-minute trips and still be able to enjoy plenty of what the resort has to offer.

There are some restrictions: Annual Passholders will still need park pass reservations for Saturdays and Sundays in Magic Kingdom, and pass blackout dates will apply as they currently do. You can check the park pass reservation calendar on the Disney World website to see which days apply.

Spaceship Earth

This could make it less complicated for Annual Passholders to visit Disney World throughout the year. Stay tuned to our site for more Disney World updates!

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Do you like the park pass reservation system? Or would you rather be able to visit each park as you please? Comment your thoughts below!

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10 Replies to “Date Revealed for Important Park Pass Change in Disney World”

  1. I am an annual pass holder 7 years. I would like to see the reservation go all together. No more reservations needed . This is what we pay for as locals.

  2. So why are park passes even needed now? IF the parks can handle the unknown number of AP holders who may show up unannounced, why not the rest of us who pay full price for admission? I’ll never understand why Disney panders to the local visitor as they do. Nothing at all against locals, but they already have a leg up on visiting the parks by living so close, and I still believe they are the customers who buy fewer park souvenirs or other extra perks. It seems like those of us who pack up the family, commit to the trip from out of state not knowing if it’s going to be good weather or not and are required to buy the higher priced tickets get treated like we are not welcome. The locals get to wake up this morning, look at the weather and decide if they will help overcrowd the parks on the beautiful days, only leaving us out of towners to the parks when it’s a rainy day. Again, I don’t mean to imply the locals don’t deserve to visit the parks any more than anyone else, I just don’t see the fairness in relaxing restrictions on just this group when it will negatively impact the out of towner’s visit. I’d appreciate someone explaining to me why Fla. Residents are offered a much discounted AP over anything an out of state visitor can buy, especially during a time that Disney admits they have an overcrowding problem that they are trying to handle fairly.

  3. Why are out of state visitors such a low priority. Park reservations were necessary during the Pandemic.They are not now. Visitors should be able to plan their own holiday not be ruled by so many restrictions. Rules to get into parks, prices to get on rides,increased prices to enter parks..Disappointed in Disney World. Not the Magical Place it use to be

    1. Hi Linda! Sometimes it takes us a while to read and approve all the comments since we go through them manually. I apologize for the delay.

  4. I think that they need to get rid of the park reservations for everyone. You should be able to go to the parks whenever you choose. They took away annual passes for people to purchase they took away dining plan. Walt Disney world should be ashamed that they feel they should tell you when and what time you can go the parks. When is Disney going to make some real changes instead of screwing everyone out of tons of money.

  5. Oh yeah! Lets give them the days that they are least likely to visit and then make claims that we made it EASIER. How about since the “More Valuable” guests who are here for the week have all week give them the weekdays with no reservations and then give passholders the weekends and the week long guest get reservation on weekends? They can still access parks and they have had all week to do so.