The Things You Wish Would Disappear from Disney World

As much as we love the Disney parks, there are a lot of things guests aren’t a fan of.

Main Street U.S.A.!

Some things no one can control, like rainy days, hot weather, and some not-so-pleasant people in the parks. But we can still dream that some things could change, right? We asked our readers on Facebook to finish the following sentence: I wish Disney would get rid of ___. And we’ve got the top answers here!

We’re sure many of you won’t be surprised to hear that the number one thing our readers want to get rid of is…Disney Genie+.

Disney Genie Pamphlet

This paid service replaced the old Fast Pass system that was in effect before the COVID-19 park closure. Many guests are not a fan of the paid service, as well as the paid Individual Attraction Selection service that came with it. It is important to note though that Disney Genie is Disney’s new FREE planning tool, while Disney Genie+ is the paid service that has replaced FastPass.

Genie+ lets you access the lightning lane at many Disney World attractions

Next on the list will also be a surprise to very few — park reservations.

Park Pass Reservation sign

Park Pass Reservations are needed to enter any Disney World or Disneyland park for all guests. It was originally in place to help control the crowd level in the parks when they were at lower capacity, but they’re still in place now when crowd levels are closer to being back at full capacity (in May of this year Disney shared the parks were still not operating at full capacity). Many guests are frustrated with this system still being in place, as it limits the parks they can visit if parks are booked up.

Park Pass Sign At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There was an overwhelming amount of response for this next one…the current CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek.

©Bloomberg via Getty Images

Many guests are not happy with the way Bob Chapek has been running things. However, his contract as Disney CEO has recently been extended three years, a big vote of confidence from the board of directors that runs The Walt Disney Company.


We’re not surprised this one has made the list, and we see the effects of it often in the parks: high prices!

Price increases are very common

We see price increases on snacks, restaurants, and most years we see park ticket and annual pass prices increase in price. This makes it hard for many families to plan their vacations ahead of time, as the amount they need to save changes after they’ve already begun saving and/or set their vacation dates.

nuiMOs saw a price increase in June

If you’re frustrated with the current “no park hopping until 2 PM” rule, you’re not alone. Many guests shared that they want this rule to change back to the way it was before the pandemic, where park hopping was allowed at all times of the day.

MagicBand Scanner

You only have to have a park pass reservation for the first park you’re visiting each day, but if the second park you want to visit is at capacity, you won’t be able to visit that park, even if you paid the extra $70 for a park hopping ticket.

Getting off the Skyliner to hop to EPCOT

Many guests also shared that they are not a fan of paying for parking at resorts and in the parks when they’re already spending so much on park tickets.

Magic Kingdom Parking Lot

Parking at Disney World resorts can range from $15-$25 a day depending on where you’re staying, and it costs $25 to park at a Disney park ($45 or $50 if you want preferred parking). That adds a TON of cost to your Disney vacation. If it was no more, guests could save a lot of money and hassle!

Parking trams!

Lastly, we’ve got something that will never go away unless you rent out the park all to yourself — other people.

Hollywood Studios Crowds

Crowds in the parks can certainly be annoying, especially if you’re not a fan of small spaces. Sometimes you can feel trapped with all those people around you, and more people mean longer wait times all around. In addition to that, some of our readers shared some crazy stories about the way they’ve seen people behave in the parks! Remember friends, being kind to everybody is important, even when you’re hot, tired, and sweaty — knowing when you need a minute is important!

Magic Kingdom crowds!

And those were the most popular answers from our post! While some of these things you may also find annoying, don’t let them ruin your vacation! Knowing when you need a break in Disney is very important, take a look at our tips for dealing with crowds, and stay updated with AllEars so you know what to expect on your vacation!

Read our 12 tips for avoiding crowds in Disney World right here!

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What do you wish Disney would get rid of? Let us know in the comments!

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6 Replies to “The Things You Wish Would Disappear from Disney World”

  1. The things you wish would disappear…..will this be followed up by “Things you wish would reappear?”. All the things people mention are the changes Disney has made since the pandemic. Things that are wildly unpopular. I’d like to see Disney do 1 thing. Anything. That will be viewed by guests as a sign they care about the people spending so much money to come to their parks. But, alas, they don’t. It never ceases to amaze me how executives like Chapek do the stuff they do and make the decisions they make and then keep telling themselves they are doing you a favor. When it couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter how much the public laments them. And not once have I seen them say or express any remorse for what they do or indicate they will somehow make it up to you down the road. I am a DVC member. I used to go to Disney because I loved going, especially the way I was always treated. Now I go because I have these points I have to use and I look for ways to use them and not give them what they want.

  2. I was a Disney pass holder for many years. With spending so much time the area for different work-related events it was a good place to spend some of my off time. I’d go for dinner at Epcot, ride the train or to just people watch. I spent a lot of money in the parks on food, drinks, pins and apparel. Then they changed the way wheelchair bound people accessed the attraction. This was the beginning of the end for me. Disney became a total hassle. Every try sitting in a wheelchair with someone’s butt in your face in the stretching room at the Haunted Mansion? Not something you want to experience. Then they started increasing the prices. Now Disney is no longer financially feasible or fun. Disney has strayed so far from Walt’s vision of a place for families to enjoy together it’s a shame. The Disney family should step in and retake control of Walt’s dream. So sad.

  3. It won’t be enough to oust Bob Paycheck. The Board of Directors that hired, then renewed his contract, are complicit and also need to go.

  4. Opening the attractions that are still shut down from the pandemic would easy some of the park congestion. Why hasn’t that happened?

    1. Staffing issues and upkeep costs eating into profits. The Cast Member don’t have the same perks they used to and are spread thin from being short staffed. They’re not exactly motivated to work there right now. The Disney Magic only goes so far when you have a family to support and/or bills to pay. Also regular maintenance has been noticeably different since the parks reopened.