Come to Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish With Us!

Star Wars hotel, who?? It’s time for ANOTHER Star Wars lounge — on the Disney Wish!


We were invited to a media event to preview everything the newest Disney Cruise Line ship has to offer — from restaurants to decor to characters and LOTS more. We paid a visit to a spot Star Wars fans won’t want to miss on the Disney Wish — so find out what we thought!


The Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge is a bar/lounge that’s available to families (including kids) during the day and adults-only at night. It’s located on Deck 3.

Look at Those Concoctions

We visited during the afternoon, so our experience is exclusive to that time period. During the day, there is typically more John Williams score music playing, while nighttime will have a Cantina vibe.

Atmosphere & Decor

The entrance of the Hyperspace Lounge is shaped like classic, rounded doors you see in all kinds of Star Wars content. You walk into a dark space and hear a big “woooosh” sound like an airlock release, and there you are!

Welcome in!

The ship’s design is inspired by Dryden Vos’s ship in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and there’s a lot of sleek, metallic detailing throughout the lounge.


But the biggest thing we noticed was the SCREEN! There is a BIG screen that functions as a “window,” and it gives guests a look into “space.” Over 40 different spaceships from the Star Wars franchise can be spotted on this screen!

It’s HUGE!

Previously, we learned that the screen to “space” was so large pixel-wise that they had to work with Industrial Light & Magic to create the scenes! There are special angles of ships and worlds that no one has ever seen in the Star Wars movies.

Another Scene

While you’re in the lounge, you could travel to up to seven different locations in the galaxy, with places you might recognize from the original Star Wars trilogy and the sequels. You might see Tatooine, Mustafar, Batuu, Coruscant, or the Moons of Endor, and there’s also an Ace Squadron scene inspired by the animated Star Wars series, Rogue Squadron.

Traveling Through Space

Each “world” gets about 7-10 minutes on the screen, so depending on how long you visit, you could potentially catch all the scenes. There’s a hyperspace jump in between scenes, and it moves in sync with the movement of the ship.

Jump to Lightspeed

In terms of seating, there’s a bar along one wall with a long table near the center of the room. There are also booths and other seating areas available, with four spots where “space oddities” are displayed.

One “Oddity”

The back of the lounge is raised up so that even if you end up in the back of the room, you can still get a good view of the screen! The back is also where you can find the holotube, which is a large, cylindrical container that displays holographs of passing ships!


Cast Members wore costumes designed in collaboration with Doug Chiang from Lucasfilm.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge

Now let’s get into the menu!


The menu for Hyperspace Lounge was described by Disney to include “otherworldly concoctions” and interactive tasting experiences. We pulled up the menu on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App, and it had cocktails from various planets…


…which may look familiar…


…non-alcoholic beverages…


…a $5,000 cocktail(!!!)…




…The Flight of Skywalker (an intergalactic wine flight)…


…and some galactic brews.


We decided to try out some of their cocktails!

Various Drinks

We tried the Berken’s Flow from Mustafar ($16)

Berken’s Flow

…the Golden One from the Moons of Endor ($15)

Golden One

Pickled Mynock from the Asteroid Belt ($16)….

Pickled Mynock

…and the Spire Sunset from Batuu ($15)!

Spire Sunset


We enjoyed all of our drinks, but we do need to warn you — they’re pretty sweet. So if you enjoy a sweet drink, this lounge is definitely for you. Our favorite drink was the Spire Sunrise. It was sweet and tart, without tasting too strong.

But overall, we enjoyed the atmosphere and drinks at the Hyperspace Lounge!

Hyperspace Lounge

So if you’ve booked a trip on the Disney Wish, here’s what you could expect from the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge! Keep following along with us today as we take you with us on the Disney Wish!

Learn more about Marel and Star Wars offerings on the Disney Wish here!

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Would you visit the Hyperspace Lounge? Tell us in the comments!

Disclosure: We were invited by Disney Cruise Line to attend a preview of the Disney Wish. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own

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  1. Ace Squadron is from the animated series “Star Wars: Resistance”, not “Rogue Squadron” (a movie that has not been produced yet).