You Won’t Solve the Mystery of This Starbucks Cup ’til You Buy It!

Starbucks and Disney have a history together, and we don’t see that partnership ending anytime soon.

Downtown Disney Starbucks

We just saw a very popular 50th Anniversary Starbucks cup arrive back online again (it seems likely it could sell out again), and Starbucks locations in the Disney parks recently brought new snacks to their menus. If you’re a Starbucks fan, check out our post listing all the Disney Starbucks cups you can get online! But if you’re looking for one really special Starbucks souvenir, you’ll love the one we came across in Disneyland today!

While walking around Disneyland, we spotted a Starbucks cup we hadn’t seen before. At first, we thought it was just a normal cup with a multi-colored straw. However, then we realized it had a very special feature…

It just looked like a normal cup at first

…it changes color! But the color you’ll get is a SURPRISE! It’ll either be pink (like the one we got), teal, orange, blue, or red, and there’s apparently a purple one out there as well. You can find out the color by pouring cold liquid into the cup! (Does this remind you of another Starbucks cup? We spotted a similar souvenir last holiday season in Disney World!)

Look how pretty!

Grab one for yourself at the Downtown Disney Starbucks location for $6.49. If you don’t see them, be sure to ask if they’re behind the counter. And some members of our team have reported seeing these cups at other Starbucks locations in the US, so you might not even have to visit a Disney park in order to get one!


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Which color would you be hoping to get? Let us know below!

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One Reply to “You Won’t Solve the Mystery of This Starbucks Cup ’til You Buy It!”

  1. These were at the Orlando airport Starbucks in May! I saw them before our crusie but didn’t want to lug it with me and on the way back home, I went to get one and they were gone!!