Latest Update on the Number of COVID-19 Cases in Florida

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change and develop, AllEars will be bringing you the latest relevant news that could affect a theme park visit.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the country, and it seems like Florida is constantly making headlines and breaking records. Recently, the state reached an important milestone, but now it seems like things may be changing once again. 

Animal Kingdom Face Mask Signage

As new COVID-19 cases are reported daily, we continue to monitor the status of Florida and look for important updates. Today, we found that Florida’s status has changed, so let’s break it down and see what this means.

Update: Florida’s COVID-19 numbers have changed since this post’s initial writing. See the update below for the latest info.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Florida has moved down the list of states where coronavirus was spreading the fastest on a per-person basis and is now ranked in 11th place. Previously, Florida was in 5th place among states with high reports of coronavirus cases.

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This downgrade comes as newly reported coronavirus cases for the week dropped in Florida by 3.4% with 408,841 cases reported. There were 423,150 new cases reported in the previous week.

Masks are required indoors at Disney World

Keep in mind that the data is constantly being updated, so it’s hard to definitively predict or analyze any COVID-related progress. While this is good news for Florida, the rest of the United States is still not out of the woods, as omicron is rapidly spreading.

Even Figment is wearing a mask!

According to The Palm Beach Post, Florida had 7.52% of the country’s total coronavirus cases in the last week. 

COVID sign in Disney Springs

In Disney World, there are COVID-19 warnings posted throughout the parks and resorts, and guests are required to wear a mask indoors. Keep in mind that Disney has been known to modify its current health and safety guidelines as the United States adapts to the virus.

Mask Signage

For now, Florida has moved out of the list of the top 10 states where new coronavirus cases are spreading the fastest.

UPDATE: According to an article from the Palm Beach Post from February 14th, 2022, Florida recently ranked 8th out of the states in the U.S. where COVID-19 is spreading the fastest. This is calculated on a per-person basis and is based on data from Johns Hopkins University. Florida had previously fallen to number 37 for some weeks.

Now things have changed again. According to an article from Florida Today from February 21st, Florida recently “ranked 32nd among the states where coronavirus was spreading the fastest on a per-person basis.”

We’ll continue to monitor any changes and updates, so stay tuned for more information.

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