The Big Thing That STILL Hasn’t Returned to Disney World Hotels

It’s almost 2022 and there’s a LOT that’s changing in Disney World: from perks that are disappearing, services that are making major changes, and lots of things that we haven’t gotten updates about!

Cinderella Castle

Today, we’re taking a look at a service at Disney World we’re still waiting on to come back!

The returning service many folks are still waiting on is full housekeeping at the Disney World hotels. There’s still no word when housekeeping will come back in its pre-pandemic form yet, especially the unpredictable nature of the present situation.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort

Now, there’s housekeeping still available at Disney World hotels, it’s just a modified format: your room will get a light cleaning every other day which includes wiping of certain areas and amenities, removal of trash, replenishment of towels, and vacuuming (all of which is optional). In the past, you would receive these housekeeping services daily.

Coronado Springs Resort

Your room will receive a deep cleaning before your arrival for the sake of health and safety. This includes cleaning of floors, high-touch areas, and more. You’ll also find individually wrapped glassware and plastic wrapped around your remote controls.

Remotes in Plastic

Due to health and safety policies, Disney has actually increased cleaning in frequently visited areas like handrails, restrooms, public elevators, and more. You’ll also find hand sanitizer in far more areas around Disney World.

Grand Floridian Hotel Elevator

Meanwhile, many other aspects of the Disney World resort hotel experience are returning to “normal” with live entertainment, restaurants, and other amenities returning!

Yehaa Bob ©Disney

Stay tuned here for the latest updates, we’re keeping up with all the Disney news you need to know.

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What do you think about this perk not coming back yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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5 Replies to “The Big Thing That STILL Hasn’t Returned to Disney World Hotels”

  1. I was very disappointed this trip. We stayed 14 nights and received maybe 4 days of housekeeping. I called one time to have it done. The trash was emptied every other day, and towels replenished. My biggest complaint is the toilet paper! It was soooooo thin and so rough! We stayed at Port Orleans, French Quarter. It was our favorite moderate resort, but now I’m just not sure. Disney needs to up its game for me to return, and we go about every 4 years.

  2. The reason I like hotels, and don’t do AirBnBs etc., is that I want housekeeping! I jwant to come back to a made bed at the end of the day. I really hope this comes back soon.

  3. There was no “light” cleaning when we stayed at POFQ dec7-12. They came in twice in 5 days to empty trash and leave fresh towels. That was it. They didn’t touch anything else- no vacuuming etc. very disappointed

  4. This is great because I do not have to leave a %5.00 tip everyday for housekeeping. When they say welcome home they must think that our houses are not cleaned of trash everyday or the trash removed.I bet the corporate office shave their trash removed and their restrooms cleaned daily. The Holiday Inn is able to clean your room daily but Disney can cut down on the staff but not doing routine daily cleaning. It is not too welcoming to come back in the evening to a messy room.