PHOTOS: This Disney World Hotel is Officially Winning the Gingerbread Game

When it comes to holiday decor, Disney World is full of surprises.

Holidays at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

From the pineapple wreaths at Magic Kingdom to the massive gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, we’re always on the lookout for unique holiday decor. But today, we certainly found the WILDEST.

While we were checking out the beautiful holiday decorations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, we were surprised to see a baby giraffe in the lobby.

A giraffe made out of gingerbread

But there’s something special about this baby giraffe. Because it’s actually a gingerbread giraffe (or a “ginger-affe”, if you will) created by Disney Pastry Chef Michael Craig.


Just look at it! It almost looks real!

Baby gingerbread giraffe

And when you get up close to it, you can see the level of detail put into this edible work of art. If you look real closely on its ear, you’ll spot a hidden Mickey!

This is FOOD?

So if you happen to find yourself at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge during the holidays, be sure to say hello to its newest addition! And we’ll let you know if we spot any other fun holiday decorations at Disney World.

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What are your favorite Disney World holiday decorations? Let us know in the comments.

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3 Replies to “PHOTOS: This Disney World Hotel is Officially Winning the Gingerbread Game”

  1. I made the mistake of buying a gingerbread shingle also. A real shingle with tar would have tasted better. Yuck. Some of the gross foods Disney chefs put out there are ridiculous. Chicken on a donut with six layers of sauces ! Cupcakes with ten inches of frosting and no cake. I bought a 50th anniversary cake from the patisserie in Disney Springs, complete with rock candy all over it. I thought I lost a tooth with every bite. The rest of it was delicious. I went back for another and begged them to leave off the rocks. Failed. No can do

    1. Have you ever mistakenly bought one of those beautifully flooded character cookies? The ones that are flawless looking that come pre-wrapped? Yeah, take them home and hang them on the tree because they’re just for looks. It was like cement and I couldn’t even scrape the cookie part off the back with my teeth. I would’ve broken every tooth in my mouth if I had bit into it. I always wonder how many complaints they get from people that buy them for their kids?

  2. On 12/8/21 we visited the Grand Floridian Resort to purchase various types of holiday gingerbread items…One of the items…a “gingerbread shingle” was a tasteless piece of cardboard with a thin layer of dark chocolate…also tasteless…I think it was a leftover from 2019.