Guests Can Now Pre-Register for DAS Program in Disney World Before Arrival

When Disney World first revealed details about the Disney Genie, they shared that the new service would also be making the DAS program (or Disability Access Service) more convenient.

Rider Switch and DAS Services at Space Mountain

DAS allows people with disabilities to request a return time (a time to come back to the ride and move to the front of the line) that is calculated based on the length of the line at the time of the request. Starting today, guests who are looking to add DAS for their upcoming vacation can start to do so online.

There are now two ways you can sign up for DAS. You can sign up day-of at a Guest Relations location in the theme park, or pre-register online. Between 2 and 30 days before your trip, you can do a pre-arrival registration with a Cast Member on a video chat. You can head over to the DAS section of Disney World’s website to request one of these chats (note that at this time the service is only offered in English).


UPDATE: Disney has since updated their website to reflect that guests must be visiting the parks on or after November 1st, 2021 in order to pre-register for DAS Advance virtually.


After you’re registered, you can either head over to Guest Relations or the ride you’re interested in and get a return time just like before! Soon, there will be a way to book DAS return times on your phone, a service that is expected to launch alongside Disney Genie on October 19th.


You can also check out all this info in the Health Care Services section of the Disney World App. We’re always keeping up with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more!

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3 Replies to “Guests Can Now Pre-Register for DAS Program in Disney World Before Arrival”

  1. Today I waited for 5 hours in the chat. At least, I think so. There is no indication if you are actually in the queue or how long the wait will be. The website kept timing out and I would have to sign in again and I don’t know if that put me at the end of the line or not. I’ve been watching for over a week, and every day they want me to wait until closer to my trip because the queue is long. This is appalling!

  2. I’ve tried for three days in a row to pre-register online using the video chat. I have been on hold five hours, four hours, and now 5 1/2 hours, And I’ve gotten nowhere. The first two days we fell asleep still waiting on hold. On the third day, I kept myself awake until my chat came up in the queue 5 1/2 hours later when I was connected to “Paula “.
    She asked me for our basic information, and as I am typing this information to send to her, the connection is broken and because it’s after 10 PM Eastern, I cannot re-enter the chat. Now the website asks me to return at 7 AM and join the queue for a fourth day. This is insanity. I cannot believe that Disney is requiring people to jump through these hoops, or stand in an hours long line at guest relations at the parks. Whoever came up with this idea (without appropriate staffing numbers, and reliable technology that works ) should be fired

  3. I signed up for this yesterday. It was great and the Cast member made me feel so comfortable.

    We did have some issues setting up one day early but she said I could try back today and try again it wouldn’t be an issue.