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4 Replies to “17 Times the Universal Orlando Twitter Threw Fabulous Shade”

  1. You missed the time Josh Gad posted a pic in front of Hogwarts and tagged Emma Watson about being at her Alma mater and universal retweeted it”so this is what frozen things do in summer” 🤣🤣🤣

    1. 100% agree! Universal; where you can actually afford to be a passholder! Disney needs to prepare themselves for becoming the “side trip” if they keep it up. They already have become that for us, and I NEVER thought I’d say that, but here we are. Universal is our home! We have a 7 day visit coming up with ZERO Disney days involved. Unheard of for us but there is just so many more affordable options in Orlando these days, and if you’ve done Disney before, it gets hard to pay those prices more than once. It’s become the “one and done” wonder! Sad because we used to go down a couple of times a year. We’re not their target audience anymore.

      1. I’m curious why you think Universal is not trying to take all your money. For starters, they’ve never had free Express Passes, and those passes currently cost $30 to $40 per person per day if you’re not a resort guest. By comparison, the Disney Genie service that was just announced will cost about half that. The Express Passes for this year’s Horror Nights cost more than the admission prices on certain nights. On Saturday, October 16th, for example, a Horror Nights Express Pass costs $160 and that doesn’t include your admission. (Each person in my travel party is paying $276.88 total per person for that experience.) Universal also started charging resort parking fees long before Disney World. Unless you can provide specific examples of Universal being more affordable, I continue to see them as being very competitive, if not worse, with their pricing.