The 5 BEST Things We Ate in Walt Disney World This Week

If you ever find yourself at Disney World with a craving for something sweet — you’re in the right place!

Cinderella Castle

No matter where you are at Disney, you can normally find at least a few desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth. And, this week wasn’t any different! We snacked our way through the parks and resorts and now we’re bringing you the BEST eats that you can give a try on your next trip!

These are the 5 BEST things we ate in Disney World this week!

Dole Whip Watermelon Slice

We’re starting off with one of the most iconic Disney snacks that has returned in a NEW way — Dole Whip! The Watermelon Dole Whip is back in Disney Springs at Marketplace Snacks, and you can get it served INSIDE a watermelon slice and topped with chocolate chips if you know to ask for the Dole Whip Watermelon Slice!

Dole Whip Watermelon Slice

This is a new secret menu item, so you’ve got to be an insider to order this one up, but it is just as refreshing and sweet as it looks! You can try it for $6.38.

Check out another Watermelon Dole Whip treat here!

Strawberry Shortcake

Over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, we can usually find some new tasty desserts at Gasparilla Island Grill, and that’s what happened this week! We tried the Strawberry Shortcake which is made with layers of fresh whipped cream, diced strawberries in strawberry coulis, and vanilla sponge cake for $5.99.

Strawberry Shortcake

Now, what makes this one so delicious is that the whipped cream is actually made and hand-whipped at the Grand Floridian! So, from the strawberries to the strawberry compote, to the whipped cream, this dessert is VERY fresh!

Maple Double Bacon Donut

Of course, we also stopped by one of our favorite donut shops in Disney SpringsEverglazed Donuts & Everglazed. And, this week we opted for the Maple Double Bacon Donut which has been on the menu since the spot opened this year. It is a maple iced donut, loaded with crispy candied bacon.

Maple Bacon Donut

This donut has, and always will be, a winner for us! There is plenty of bacon loaded on top of this donut to satisfy anyone who is looking for that savory pairing with sweet and the maple flavor isn’t overpowering. You can give it a try for $5.50.

Lemon-Ricotta Cheesecake

Over at EPCOT, we may be nearing the end of the Flower & Garden Festival, but there is a new seasonal menu at the Festival Feasts booth! Now you can find Tomato and Cornbread Panzanella, Barbecue Seared Pork Tenderloin, Mango Lemonade with Palm Ridge Rye Whiskey, and Lemon-Ricotta Cheesecake, and our favorite was the dessert!

Lemon-Ricotta Cheesecake

The Lemon-Ricotta Cheesecake is served on an oatmeal raisin cookie butter with passion fruit-mango compote and that cheesecake and citrus combo is tasty! The cookie butter adds some sweetness and the treat all in all is very fresh. It is now on the menu for $5.50.

Mickey Confetti Shake

We also stopped by Beaches & Cream at Disney’s Beach Club to see what new menu items were available and, though our milkshake wasn’t new, our souvenir glass was! The Mickey Confetti Shake is a vanilla shake, with whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles topped with a rainbow confetti cupcake and served in a souvenir cup for $15. And, this souvenir cup is noteworthy!

They were out of the mason jar cups that they normally use to serve specialty milkshakes in, so they replaced it with a giant margarita souvenir glass!

NEW souvenir cup for shakes at Beaches & Cream

Here’s what the souvenir cups usually look like for comparison… .

This is what the souvenir cup usually looks like!

We’ve always loved the Mickey Confetti Shake for being so classic, and this unique glass made it even better!

Are you craving some sugar now? We just can’t help but try all the new treats in Disney World and they rarely disappoint! So, take note of these snacks and give them a try on your next vacation — and, let us know what you think! And, as always, stay tuned for more Disney food news and updates!

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Have you tried any new Disney treats recently? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “The 5 BEST Things We Ate in Walt Disney World This Week”

  1. I know it sounds crazy but I love to get the baguette from France. It’s only $3 and you get butter with it. Just walk around with fresh bread and butter for such a price! Doesn’t take much to satisfy my appetite!!

  2. Are the Mickey Confetti Shake Souvenir glasses made of actual glass or are they made of plastic? The last time we had our family vacay in Florida, we were lucky enough to experience the Giardelli milkshakes at Universal. When we got home, one of the souvenir plastic milkshake “glasses” accidentally got put in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, it melted quicker than the fabulous chocolate ice cream that it originally contained! I was so disappointed. One of the reasons I didn’t mind spending so much for the milkshake in the first place was because of being able to keep the “glass”. It would be wonderful to have an actual glass souvenir.