11 Things That Are Totally Unacceptable Outside of Disney World

Walt Disney World is a special place. It’s a place where you can get away from the real world and retreat into a land of fantasy for a few days. For many, it’s a happy place of escape.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Because of that, there are several things that we see and get away with doing at Disney World that wouldn’t exactly be appropriate in our regular lives — and we’re sharing the list with you today!

Wearing Mickey/Minnie Ears

Listen, we may be some of the biggest proponents of wearing ears in the parks (I mean, have you SEEN Molly’s collection?!). However, it’s generally a lot less acceptable to wear them outside of Walt Disney World.

Minnie Ears should be the daily fashion, in our opinion.

We tried wearing them to the grocery store once, and we got some strange looks — apparently, not everyone is as committed to Disney style as we are!

Family Trip Tees

While you can get away with matching family tees when you go to Disney World (and sometimes other places for vacation), it’s typically considered weird to wear them in your daily life.

You can, however, get away with wearing regular Disney tees!

We don’t know about you, but if we saw a group of people wearing “Family Costco Trip 2021” shirts with their names on them, we’d be more than a tad confused. They’re all over the place at Disney World, but in the real world, they’re not very common. (Although we’re not sure why…should this be a new trend?)

Eating the Theme Park Diet

Unfortunately, while it’s perfectly okay to munch on corn dog nugs and French fries 24/7 in Disney World, at home, adults are expected to eat things like vegetables.

Corn Dog Nuggets!!!

We’d be quite content living on a diet of Dole Whip and churros, but it’s not exactly sustainable long-term. However, if anyone can point us in the direction of a doctor who recommends that sort of thing, we wouldn’t be opposed to paying them a visit. 😉

Hugging Mice

In Disney World, we do it all the time (well, not presently but in a normal Disney World) — Mickey and Minnie are rather friendly! (Plus they give the BEST hugs!)

It’s perfectly okay to hug mice at Disney World!

However, outside of Disney World, please don’t go around trying to hug mice. In general, they don’t like it. Don’t believe us? Try it, and you’ll get bitten.

Wild Animals Inside Restaurants

At Walt Disney World, it’s acceptable and even encouraged to dine with mice, pigs, bears, ducks, and several other species of woodland creatures. You’ll find all kinds of furry friends at the character meals!

Piglet brings a bright smile to the table.

However, outside of the resort, woodland creatures are generally less accepted inside restaurants for the health and safety of guests. Although we have to agree that eating with a real pig isn’t exactly the same as eating with Piglet.

Getting Excited When Your Elevator Breaks Down

If you’ve ever been on Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios, that’s pretty much the only time that it’s okay to be excited about your elevator breaking down and dropping several floors.

The one time you don’t have to worry when your elevator breaks down.

If something like that happened to you in real life, it’s safe to say it’s time to freak out! In the real world, elevators are supposed to go up and down at normal speeds, not freefall dangerously. 

Telling Someone to Have a “Magical” Day

In Disney World, “magical” is a word that’s thrown around like confetti! The rides are magical, the shows are magical, the food is magical, the whole experience is magical. It is The Most Magical Place on Earth, after all.

Every day is magical in Disney World!

However, in real life, people don’t use the word “magical” very often. While telling someone to have a magical day in Disney World would be a wonderful compliment, outside of the parks it would sound pretty forced and passive-aggressive. Best to steer clear of that one!

Sobbing During Fireworks Displays

When you watch fireworks in your daily life, it’s typically for a special occasion like New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July. Usually, they’re entertaining and fairly pretty…sometimes enough to earn an “oooh” or an “ahhh.”

Does Happily Ever After make you cry, too? No? Just us?

It’s not really considered appropriate to bawl like a baby during these types of fireworks displays, even though it’s totally acceptable at Walt Disney World. At Disney, fireworks aren’t just a pyrotechnics display — they’re an emotional rollercoaster of deep feelings.(a beautiful rollercoaster that we ride every time).

Calling People “Princess”

This goes along the same lines of using the word “magical.” In Disney World, if someone calls a grown woman a princess, it makes her feel special and giddy, but in real life…well, let’s just say that maybe you shouldn’t.

Anyone can be a princess in Disney World!

If someone called us “princess” on a regular day, we’d likely be a little offended. The title just has a special connotation in the parks, and unless you’re in a place where wearing a tiara all day long is appropriate, it feels like the wrong word to use.

Treating Every Day Like Black Friday

Visiting Disney World is like Black Friday every day — wake up super early and rush to beat the crowds! If you tried that in your daily life, you’d probably get some interesting looks.

Sunset Boulevard first thing in the morning.

Imagine showing up an hour before your local coffee shop opens to be the first in line or dashing through the office to be the first one at your desk. It’s a surefire way to start your day off enthusiastically…but also to make sure that your coworkers think you’re weird!

Believing Everything

In real life, people would think you were bonkers if you truly believed the whole “show” of Disney World, but in the parks, you get to pretend, and no one judges you for it. 

In Disney World, the characters come to life!

For a few days, you can believe the characters, cry during the shows, get sucked into the theming, and you’ll be joined by thousands of other guests doing the same thing. Disney World is the place where it’s okay for adults to pretend, and sometimes we need a little bit of that! ❤️

It’s all a show, but it’s one we love to watch!

We’re glad that we get the chance to do these things in Disney World, even for a little while before we go back to our adult lives. The parks are for people of all ages to enjoy, and for that we are thankful!

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Do you have a hard time adjusting to the real world after a Disney vacation? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Replies to “11 Things That Are Totally Unacceptable Outside of Disney World”

  1. During the 15th-year celebration of the Disney World grand opening, media from all over the United States were invited to visit the park for five days…free of charge! The invitation included plane fare to-and-from home, in-park hotel rooms (including meals and free transportation to anywhere in Disney World, as well as a no-waiting-in-line policy for rides and attractions!), along with other goodies (such as Disney-themed gifts left in rooms).
    Lucky for us, my husband was a radio announcer in Chicago, so we were among the fortunate invitees. We had an absolutely amazing, unforgettable, and “magical” time, one which Is unlikely to be repeated in my lifetime!
    Many years later, my special visit to Disney World remains one of my top-five memories of all time. I am now a 70-year-old woman who still dreams about one of the happiest times of my life! I only wish I could repeat that magical time!!
    Thank you for reading about the happy Disney World memories of an old woman!
    Have a truly magical day!
    Sincerely, Joanna Tobin

  2. I don’t understand this list at all, I mean … I do work from home … but I wear mine mouse ears all day everyday, and my boss may think it’s unconventional when I tell my patients to have a magical day but 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s just who I am!! The theme park diet?! Come one, you just shut you darn mouth!! Pretzels, churros and making ohana bread pudding for dessert is normal right?! If it isn’t right I do t want to be wrong. I can’t even comment on the rest it’s too painful 😥

  3. Calling any other hotel your “home” sounds silly. But your hotel in Walt Disney World really feels like you are “home”.