The Dining Problem You Didn’t Prepare for in Disney World

When you’re spending the whole day in Disney World, it becomes crucial to coordinate meals in order to keep yourself fueled and, of course, maintain a steady intake of whimsy (aka, eat ALL the cute things). 

Miniature Bunny Cake

However, since ordering food in Disney World can be a little trickier nowadays, it becomes increasingly important to perfect the art of the Mobile Order, and there’s one issue you might not be thinking of that could make your next meal a lot easier! 

After you’ve waited in line for Space Mountain or loaded up on merch, inevitably the hunger pangs are going to hit…and they just hit harder in Disney World. 

Main Street Crowds

Truly, the only thing worse than being hungry in Disney World, is being hangry in Disney World because the Mobile Order queue is backed up or you can’t find a table. 

Pinocchio Village House mobile order line

In recent months, we’ve tested different hacks to make your Mobile Order as hanger-free as possible, like by pre-ordering food while you’re on the other side of the park. But, one equally vital issue is to avoid peak dining times at all costs. 

Mobile Order

On the surface, the idea of the Mobile Order process seems seamless and easy, but just like ride queues or crowded lands in the parks, things can get pretty bottlenecked! 

Mobile Order Physical Distance Stickers

We learned this the hard way the other day in Magic Kingdom, when we ordered lunch from Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and got a pickup window of 1:15 PM. Because seemingly everyone in the park was hungry at that same time! 

Mobile Order Line for Cosmic Ray’s

When we arrived to get our food, and clicked the “I’m Here” button to notify the kitchen, we still had to wait for about 20 minutes! This may not seem that long, but when you’re hungry (or really, when your kids are hungry), that could feel like ages!

Mobile Order Line for Cosmic Ray’s

Plus, even when you get your food, tables can be hard to come by!

Flame Tree Barbecue Mobile Ordering Line

The same Mobile Order backup happened to us recently at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, so this is definitely a common issue. 

Peco’s Bill was a popular lunch choice!

Moral of the story: try, as best as you can, to space out your cravings and order food at non-peak times. Trust us, your stomach will thank you!

Here’s the Way Universal Orlando is Beating Disney World at Mobile Order!

Have you found any Mobile Order hacks lately? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “The Dining Problem You Didn’t Prepare for in Disney World”

  1. We experienced this same problem on our visit last September. At that time, park hours were at their shortest and open restaurants were very limited so everyone in the park had to do basically the same thing at almost the same time. Cosmic Ray’s was about the only quick serve open and the waiting area was actually the most hazardously crowded area in the whole park. The lack of eating options and availability is the #2 reason we haven’t been back to WDW and don’t expect to be back until more normalcy returns. Obviously, #1 reason was the struggle of wearing a mask the whole time and not being able to hydrate conveniently and continuously as in the past. Totally in support of the mask rule for safety, but it just made the day in the parks too unbearable to enjoy.