14 Details You Missed in Your Favorite Disney Movies

Disney movies are the gifts that just keep on giving!

Tangled ©Disney

One of the things that make Disney movies so great is the incredible attention to detail that goes into creating them. In fact, the animators often hide Easter eggs throughout the films, which can make rewatching them endlessly entertaining.

Here are 14 details you probably missed in some of your favorite Disney and Pixar movies!

Unredeemable Monster

It seems Hans from Frozen is universally known as a baddie. In this police station scene from Big Hero 6, Hans is shown on a “Wanted” poster pinned on the bulletin board!


Shake it Off

Does anyone know how long the flight is from Agrabah to New Orleans?? In this opening scene from The Princess and the Frog, a woman is shaking out a carpet that looks just like the magic carpet from Aladdin!


Let’s Get Down to Business

There are several references to the 1998 film Mulan¬†in the 2002 movie,¬†Lilo & Stitch. You can spot a Mulan¬†poster hanging on Nani’s bedroom wall…


…plus, Nani, Lilo, and Stitch walk past a restaurant named Mulan Wok!


Cali Bound

In the Beauty and the Beast¬†scene where Maurice finds himself lost in the woods with Philippe, they come across a sign with faded lettering. Take a close look at the lowest two markers on the sign. One reads “Valencia,” which is home to CalArts, where many Disney animators have studied. And the other reads “Anaheim,” which is, of course, the location of Disneyland Resort!


No Glass Slipper in Sight

Ever wonder who showed up for Vanessa (AKA, Ursula-in-disguise) and Prince Eric’s almost-wedding in The Little Mermaid? Upon closer inspection, you might notice two familiar guests! The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella make an appearance right behind Max in this scene.


You Spin Me Right ‘Round

What happened to the spinning wheel from¬†Sleeping Beauty after the kingdom was restored to order? It looks like it made its way all the way to Rapunzel’s tower in¬†Tangled!


The Nose Knows

And there’s another¬†Tangled Easter egg you might have missed on the first watch! Can you spot Pinocchio up in the rafters of The Snuggly Duckling above Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert??


There’s No Monster in Here… Well, Now There Is

Look who popped up in the witch’s wood carving shop in Brave…it’s Sulley from¬†Monsters, Inc. down in the corner!



In an early Ratatouille scene, Remy is searching for the perfect ingredients when he almost comes face-to-face with a dog. A dog whose shadow looks a lot like Dug from Up!


Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out to Socialize

When the Muses are singing along to “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” with Meg in Hercules, they appear as busts during one part of the scene. And the arrangement of the busts is far from random…


…it’s the same arrangement of the busts on the Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion’s Singing Busts

More Power!

In addition to voicing Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, Tim Allen is also known for his lead role in the sitcom Home Improvement. The Pixar animators worked in a nod to the show in the form of this toolbox from Binford Tools, the fictional hardware company from the television series!



In¬†Monsters, Inc., Randall mentions “the winds of change” to Mike and Sulley while arguing that he’s going to overtake them to break the scare record. In the follow-up film,¬†Monsters University, we see that this has been a long-time mantra for Randall — he has a “winds of change” inspirational poster hanging in his dorm room!


Try Everything

And last but not least, take a look at the artists on Judy Hopps’ MP3 player the next time you watch¬†Zootopia. You’ll spot some super punny names like Fleetwood Yak, Guns N’ Rodents, and Mick Jaguar. That’s giving us some serious¬†Kitchen Kabaret¬†vibes!


There’s a lot to love about Disney movies. The timeless storylines, lovable characters, incredible music…and, of course, all the hidden details! These are just a few of the sneaky secrets you’ll spot if you watch these movies a little extra closely. Ready for an Easter egg hunt? Head on over to¬†Disney+¬†and check ’em out!

How many of these hidden Disney movie secrets have you spotted before? Let us know in the comments!

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