Ranking the 10 Saddest Marvel Deaths by How Much We Cried

You know, for action movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe really makes us feel our feelings.

We’ve shed quite a few (thousand) tears over fallen heroes throughout the 29 movie saga. But which death was the worst to witness? We debated and debated, and finally settled on this (v. depressing) list.

(It goes without saying, BIG SPOILERS for any of the Marvel Movies from Iron-man to End Game.)

Ranking the 10 Saddest Marvel Deaths by How Much We Cried

10. Yinsen

Oh sweet, sweet Yinsen. He saves Tony Stark’s life, helps him create the first Iron-Man suit, and then he tells him not to waste his life before he dies. Yinsen basically sets off this whole thing.


9. Loki

Loki may start as a villain, but by the time he’s killed by Thanos in Infinity War, we were devastated.

We cannot WAIT to see where he ends up in his own show — life is a lot less fun without the God of Mischief.

8. Groot

We had to watch Groot go not once, but TWICE in the Marvel movies. First, we see adult Groot sacrifice himself to save his friends, and second, we see teenage Groot reaching out to Rocket as he gets dusted.

Thank goodness he comes back both times.

We are Groot.

7. Agent Coulson

HE HAD HIS CAPTAIN AMERICA CARDS IN HIS POCKET WHEN HE DIED. (Okay, no, he didn’t, but the sentiment holds.)

The good thing that comes from the loss of this treasure is it rallies the Avengers to fight, er, avenge, the baddies.

6. T’Challa

T’Challa reaches out to comfort Okoye, and instead she watches her King disappear before her eyes.

TBH, she deserved an Oscar as her face reflected all of our feelings.

5. Black Widow

The moment she and Hawkeye ended up on Vormir together we KNEW what was going to happen. But that didn’t make it any easier!

What did make this easier was knowing that 1.) She died to help save humanity which was her ultimate goal, and 2.) We got to see her again in Black Widow.

4.  Yondu

We were crying when Peter realized he had a father figure all along. We cried a little harder when Cat Stevens started playing. But wow did we LOSE IT when all the Ravagers came to honor Yondu.

3. Gamora

SHE WAS HIS DAUGHTER AND HE THREW HER OVER A CLIFF.  It’s hard to watch her try (and fail) to kill Thanos and unbearable to watch her struggle and scream as he drags her to the end. UGH.

2. Tony Stark

Remember when Yinsen told him not to waste his life? He sure didn’t. We love him 3000.

Also, thinking about Pepper Potts telling him he can rest now is ripping my heart out once again.

1. Peter Parker

7 Words:

Made only worse by when Peter looks at Tony and says “I’m sorry” right before he dusts away. This moment ripped my heart out, spat on it, and then stomped it into the ground.

Even though Peter comes back, I will never recover.

What Marvel death got you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Replies to “Ranking the 10 Saddest Marvel Deaths by How Much We Cried”

  1. Yeah I’m honestly shocked that Gwen isn’t on here. I mean come on. Her death is way worse then a lot of these. Like wayyy worse

  2. I can’t believe this list doesn’t say Gwen. I mean like seriously. That whole scene is so heart breaking. Also black panthers death is sad and all but what the worst part about it is that he wont be recast! Even Chadwicks family said that’s what he would want. Disney made a huge mistake. But lately they’ve made a lot of those so I guess we just have to live with it

  3. yeah I think Gwen is way sadder then all of these. for me it would be Gwen then iron man or harry. but the x men movies are very sad as well. Disney could really take notes from the older movies. News flash no one cares about she hulk or ms marvel or the eternals. also can i just say that Bucky deserved the shield falcon is great and all but Bucky went through so much more. also the new thor movie was over the top it was still good but it would of been so much better if they made the movie more serious cause janes death was really sad and gorrs story was sad and dark. he did a really good job as creepy enemy but the comedy weighed that down. missed chance right here.

  4. i would say Gwen probably most people forget about the movies outside of the mcu but really those are really good. Even the original fantastic 4 movies are good Chris Evans is amazing a Johnny lol I like him better as that then captain America though he is great. Oh! also harry from the original Spiderman movies is amazing the best part about them and his death is heart breaking.

  5. to be honest Disney has ruined marvel and star wars I wish they would just stop. some good things has happened but more bad than good.
    in sure Walt and Stan are rolling over in there graves right now. the best marvel content was before endgame prob but even then it was going down hill. The x man and Andrew movies and civil war and down are the best. Logan killing jean is sad, and so is magnetos wife and kid dying that’s heart breaking but Gwen takes the cake in my opinion. dusted deaths were sad and all but we all knew they would comeback so..

  6. um hello Gwen stacy(emma stone) in the amazing spider man 2. their relationship was amazing. they had great chemistry so great they even were together in real life. they finally made things right between them and then she died. one of the most tragic marvel death right there

    1. yeah your right. the x men has some sad deaths too but this one is the saddest. spiderman (tom holland) came back and we all knew he would so it wasent that sad.

  7. For me, the “dusted deaths” don’t really count since they all come back. And really we all knew they would, even as it was happening. Marvel couldn’t possibly kill off all those stars. So, if they’re removed, who fills their spots? It’s sort of tough- I shed no tears when Vision died (except tears of joy). That guy from Parks and Rec that was Rocket’s friend would be on my list.

    1. Yeah I agree. Gwen has the saddest death. Marvel isn’t really an action franchise anymore now its all just cheep humor. Guardians of the galaxy did a good balance but now it’s just full blown comedy like why.