You Can Bring Baby Yoda into Your LIVING ROOM! Here’s How!

Let’s be honest, Baby Yoda is EVERYWHERE.


Shirts, plushes, collectible keys, toys that moveBaby Yoda even went into SPACE. And now you can bring Baby Yoda directly into your living room (virtually)!

Endgaget recently shared that Google added a new 3D object feature available on most modern phones that would allow you to bring Baby Yoda into your home, so we HAD to try it!

Baby Yoda Photo: Obtained from Engadget | ©Google/Lucasfilm Ltd.

So, the first thing we did is grab an iPhone and search for “Grogu” on Google. Endgaget reports that it will work with a search for “Baby Yoda” or “Grogu.” You’ll see this screen pop up. What you’re looking for is the section that says “See the Child in your space.” Tap the “View in 3D” option.

Screenshot of Google Search

Then, you’ll get taken to this screen where a 3D Baby Yoda will appear!

©Google/Lucasfilm Ltd.

On this screen, you’ll be able to turn Baby Yoda around and look at the 3D image. But, to bring him into your home you’ll need to tap the option at the bottom that says “View in your space with the Google app.”

©Google/Lucasfilm Ltd.

If you already have the Google app on your phone, then you can skip the steps above and hop right to this one! Engadget reports that it works with Chrome as well.

We personally downloaded and opened the Google app, and then searched for Grogu there as well. At which point we tapped “view in 3D” and “view in your space,” and this time we were then taken to a screen where we had to scan the area around us. After scanning a bit of the floor in our space, BABY YODA APPEARED!


He makes a few movements and sounds, and you can reposition him to other spots around your home! Add him to your family photos or put him by your holiday decorations and you’ll have a little extra bit of Baby Yoda in your life.

Our photos were a bit dark, so you’ll have to play around with the lighting in your space. Try to use a well-lit area and make sure the brightness is all the way up on your phone. It’s a simple, little feature but it can be cute, especially for some fun photos!

If you try it at home, let us know in the comments! 

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